Blog Posts: Rodents

carpenter ant infesting a denver, co home
March 28, 2022

Ant Activity In Denver Is Increasing & Mice Are Still A Problem

It’s official – spring has arrived in Denver. Mornings are a bit chilly…
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house mouse inside denver co home
November 7, 2021

Are Mice Ruining Your Weekend Plans?

It could be just an ordinary Sunday and the neighbors are expected over so that…
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mouse chewing on wire inside loveland co home
October 31, 2021

Why Do You Have Mice In Your Loveland Home?

Yup. It's happening again. You snuggle down into your soft warm bed when you…
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mouse in denver house
August 24, 2021

Mouse Control Tips For Denver, Boulder & Northern CO Homeowners

In a recent press release the  National Pest Management Association  noted…
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brown rat in boulder colorado
December 19, 2018

Where Are Norway Rats In Colorado From?

Norway rats, additionally called brown rats, are foragers that can make due on…
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mouse in a pantry in colorado
October 6, 2017

Colorado Homeowners Guide To Rodent Prevention

Colorado is home to an abundance of rodents. It only becomes a problem when…
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colorado infestation in estes park co
October 18, 2016

Fall Pests Invade Estes Park

Residents in Estes Park are preparing for another cold winter but they aren't…
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fall spider problem in colorado springs
September 9, 2014

Four Tips To Fall Pests

Tis the season...for bugs. The bugs around your house had all summer to increase…
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