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Pet-Friendly Pest Control Services In Colorado Springs, Denver & NoCo

In addition to the unconditional love most pets give, walking and playing with them can be good for your health. Decreased blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels are two of the health benefits noted by the CDC but there are many more. Given that, it really comes as no surprise that we receive many inquiries from homeowners concerned that our pest control services could harm their pet’s health. In an effort to reassure those of you who need help getting rid of spiders, wasps, and other pests in and around your home but don’t want any harm to come to your furry family member(s), we’re here to shed some light on the subject!

pet friendly pest control in colorado springs

Pests that may be harmful to your pets

Before we dive into our pet-friendly pest control services, let’s first take a look at a few of the pests that frequent Colorado yards and homes and that could bother your beloved pets and/or threaten their health.


How many times have you heard of a dog being stung by a wasp in its mouth, on a paw, or elsewhere on its body? It’s actually quite common given that canines are often led by their noses and all the smells. Inevitably they make contact with yellow jackets, paper wasps, and other stinging insects before they even realize it. Outdoor cats may experience the same fate when wandering about the yard or neighborhood. Unfortunately, stings can cause a range of symptoms, some mild and others severe. Listed below not necessarily in order of severity, they include:

  • Swelling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Agitation
  • Whining
  • Diarrhea
  • Biting or licking at the site of the sting
  • Disorientation
  • Weakness

Depending of the symptoms a pet shows, medical treatment may be required.


While it’s not too common here in Colorado, dogs can get heartworm through mosquito bites. Because the heartworm larvae must complete their life cycle in your pet, signs of heartworm disease may appear within six to eight months. If your dog starts coughing, doesn’t play or move as much, has trouble breathing, passes out, or you notice swelling in its abdomen and legs, you should consult your vet. Though it is much less common, it should be noted that cats are capable of getting heartworm disease as well.

Mice & Rats

It’s natural to assume that pets, and specifically cats, are more of a threat to rodents than the other way around but that’s simply not the case. Rodents in Colorado may carry parasites and bacteria that, if transmitted to pets, may expose them to toxoplasmosis, roundworm, Leptospirosis, and more. Mice and rats also introduce fleas and ticks. If you notice your pet has a fever, is vomiting, appears to be dealing with stiffness or muscle pain, or exhibits any other behavior that is not normal, reach out to your vet.


The threat roaches pose to cats and dogs typically comes from food and water contamination which can lead to the spread of bacteria. Only in severe roach infestations where there is no other food source, will these vile pests possibly attack pets.


The good news about spiders is that most household spiders in Colorado do not pose a risk to pets. That said, it should be pointed out that we do have venomous black widow spiders in the Rocky Mountain state. For the most part, female black widows will not bite but should a curious snout threaten an egg sac in a web… well you can figure out the rest. Outside of the web, these venomous spiders typically avoid “conflict” but should it arise, they will become the aggressor. If you think your pet has been on the receiving end of a black widow spider bite, look for vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, rigid muscles, incoordination, and severe muscle pain to name a few of the symptoms.

Let’s talk about our pet-friendly pest control services

If you’ve found pest activity in or around your home and are holding off on treatment because you fear for your pets, there’s no need to be worried! At EnviroPest, we take great care to protect people and pets which includes using products carefully and judiciously. 

Our home pest control services in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Loveland as well as throughout Northern Colorado are the perfect fit for homes with families and their pets and are designed to stop problems on the outside of the house before they have a chance to infest. Of course, if ants, roaches, or other pests have made it inside already, we use the least amount of material necessary to resolve the problem and only ask that you keep pets (and people, of course) away from the treated areas until everything dries.

In addition to interior and exterior treatment, our Colorado’s Choice Smart Service includes 24/7 rodent monitoring which allows our local pest control pros to detect rodent problems quickly and address them using non-toxic traps.

colorado's choice complete home pest control

Colorado's Choice Smart Service 

Our Colorado's Choice Smart Service is the most comprehensive home pest control plan EnviroPest targets 30+ pests and includes four seasonal visits and 24/7 digital rodent monitoring. 

Pests covered under the Colorado's Choice Smart Service includes:

  • Ants (Carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, sugar ants)
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders (House spiders, rock spiders, wolf spiders, black widow spiders)
  • Wasps (Baldfaced hornets, paper wasps, yellow jackets)

How to ensure you’re comfortable with your pest control service

When you reach out to us for help getting rid of pests, we’d love to know what kind of pets you have and what your concerns are. Once we have a better understanding of the pets you have, we’ll be able to relay any information you’ll need to prepare – whether that’s putting your dog away in a room not being treated or covering your fish tank.

For more information or to request an estimate, please reach out to the pest control company that has been serving Colorado since 1965!

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