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Since 1965, EnviroPest of Loveland, Colorado has offered the most successful and effective pest control and wildlife removal services available in Colorado. As a family owned and operated company, we strive to provide only the best to our customers. We strongly value both tradition and innovation and use only the latest pest control methods and environmentally-friendly products. Our licensed team of technicians will resolve your toughest pest problems, whether they are as tiny as termites or as creepy as cockroaches.

Ant Control in Loveland

Ants are common pests in Loveland and throughout Colorado. Actually they're common in just about every community in every state.  And there are a lot of them.  Here in Colorado, we often encounter pavement ants, sugar ants and carpenter ants. Out of these, the carpenter ant is the most troublesome, as it not only can contaminate foods like the other ants, but they can also cause structural damage to your home as they carve their nests in the wood of your walls, floor joists and any other wooden structures.  If you have a problem with ants and are ready to get started with EnviroPest, simply contact us to schedule service!

Spider Control

Did you know that there are over 30,000 classified species of spiders throughout the world.  Notice we said world.  Thankfully (and we say that loosely) we only run into a few types of spiders in Colorado including:

  • House spiders
  • Rock spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Black widow spiders

    Out of this group, house spiders are the ones that plague homes and businesses the most.  Unfortunately they build ugly webs in inconvenient places and are just an annoyance.  And sadly, if you have spiders you are likely to have other insects in the house.  That is their food source after all.   One simple step to keep spiders and other bugs out is to carefully inspect the exterior of your home, sealing and repairing any tears in screens, openings around vents and any other small cracks or openings.  Okay that's a few steps but they can really help you keep a pest free home.  Of course if you are already dealing with a spider infestation or other creepy crawlies, just give us a call.  Our Colorado's Choice home pest control program is designed to get rid of spiders and also targets other household pests. 

    Full Range of Services Offered in Loveland, Colorado

    For over 50 years, the professionals at EnviroPest have sought to provide the folks in Colorado with the best and most affordable pest control solutions available. In addition to the services mentioned above, we have numerous management programs for many common pests. As the only insured and bonded pest company in the state, our licensed team of technicians will take care of all the “creepy crawly things” that threaten your health and home in Loveland. No matter what kind of insect or rodent is threatening your livelihood or property, EnviroPest is here for you; contact us today!

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