Bed Bug Extermination

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bed bug on suitcase

1Bed bugs are pests who easily hitch rides from destination to destination on luggage, purses, backpacks and even your clothing. The experts at EnviroPest understand how easily these pests can spread, which is why they offer bed bug inspections and treatments for your home or business.

bed bugs hide out in beds

2It's true. Bed bugs love beds. These pests can be found hiding around seams, buttons and the cracks and crevices of the bed frame. But don't worry, when you team up with our experts, they'll find them, no matter where they're hiding!

bed bugs on table

3Although their name suggests they only reside in beds, bed bugs can be found hiding in nightstands, upholstered furniture, dresser drawers and even behind wall hangings. But rest assured, if you partner with us, our bed bug team will find them!

suitcase and bed bug

4Why are bed bugs on the rise? One theory is an increase in travel around the world has caused their resurgence. Taking the proper precautions when you travel and upon returning home can help prevent bed bug infestations. Or if you suspect you brought them home, call EnviroPest!

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are parasites that have existed since ancient times and are now very common in Greeley, Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado as well as the U.S. They are small, wingless insects that are reddish brown, flattened and oval, with microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance. They grow to about 1/8" long. Bedbugs are generally nocturnal and feed solely upon the blood of humans and warm-blooded animals. They do not transmit diseases, but their bites can become red, itchy welts on skin.

Bed bugs are not a housekeeping or sanitation issue. They are usually unknowingly transported in or on luggage, clothing, or other belongings that are carried during travel.

Visual Bed Bug Inspections

Inspections are offered to verify the presence and extent of infestations. For $89, one of our bed bug specialists will inspect your property for bed bug activity and/or signs of it.  Once the evaluation is complete, the specialist will discuss with you proper treatment and preparation requirements so that you are prepared for a successful treatment and reduce the risk of future re-infestations.  

Treatment Options

EnviroPest provides both standard chemical and innovative heat treatments. Both options are effective and backed by the EnviroPest guarantee.

Standard Bed Bug Removal Starting At $399

It is extremely difficult to eradicate bed bugs. That's why our standard service includes the necessary products and follow-up visits for one fee. During our initial service call, we conduct a detailed inspection of the affected and adjoining rooms and devise a treatment plan that entails a targeted treatment of bed frame, mattress, box springs, furniture, behind baseboards, switch covers and other areas where the pests tend to hide. Bed-bug proof box spring and mattress encasements are available for extra protection.

A series of follow-up visits may be required and will be scheduled within 14 days of the initial treatment. If any activity is noted, the original service technician will come out to re-treat any areas of activity.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed bug heat treatments are highly recommended because of the complex behavioral patterns of bed bugs and the immediate results the treatment provides. Click here to learn more about this type of bed bug control.

Your Complete Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

EnviroPest guarantees your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not 100 percent satisfied with your bed bug extermination service, we will correct it free of charge. That’s EnviroPest’s promise to keep your home or business pest free.