How To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Denver Home

Out of the 4,500 species of cockroaches in existence, approximately 30 of those are considered pests. Unfortunately, the most common types of roaches found in Denver and the entire state of Colorado fall into the pest category. Keep reading to learn more about these vile and disease-spreading insects and what to do if you find them in or around your home this winter or any other time of the year.

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German Cockroaches

What do German roaches look like?

German cockroaches are brown roaches with dark parallel lines running from the backs of their heads to their wings.

Where do they live?

Inside homes and businesses, they are often found under and behind kitchen appliances and cabinets as well as in voids around plumbing fixtures. Bathrooms and other rooms that have the moisture-content these pests prefer will also be targeted.

Health risks associated with German cockroaches

When German cockroaches infest structures, harmful bacteria on every part of their body comes along with them. For example, German roaches carry Salmonella and E. coli on their bodies which can cause food poisoning and other illness. Additionally, their fecal matter, saliva, and shed skin can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

American Cockroaches

What do American cockroaches look like?

Reddish-brown to mahogany in color, American roaches are often identified by the yellow band on their heads.

Where do they live?

American cockroaches will seek out dark, humid areas. Common hiding places include wall voids, basements, utility rooms, furnace or boiler rooms, and attics. It should be noted that American roaches are more likely to be found in commercial or industrial buildings in Denver, but they will infest homes on occasion.

Health risks associated with American cockroaches

American cockroaches are known to travel through sewers and heat tunnels and will collect bacteria on their bodies as they move which, when introduced into residential and commercial structures, can result in serious gastroenteritis issues including food poisoning, diarrhea, and dysentery. Like German roaches, their excrement and cast skins can contain allergens.

Oriental Cockroaches

What do Oriental cockroaches look like?

A distinctive feature that sets Oriental roaches apart from the other roaches we’ve discussed so far is their shiny black coloring.

Where do they live?

Often referred to as water bugs, you’ll find these pests infesting cool, damp, and dark areas. Basements, sewer drains, and crawl spaces are common hiding spots for these roaches.

Health risks associated with Oriental cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches consume garbage and other decaying organic matter and as they feed, they pick up food-borne pathogens on their bodies. Unfortunately, though not necessarily surprising, they will transmit these pathogens onto surfaces where food is prepared in both residential and commercial environments. The end result is contamination and potential illness.

How to prevent cockroach infestations

To keep your home or business free of cockroaches, we recommend implementing the following cockroach prevention tips:

  • Install weather stripping
  • Caulk cracks, crevices, and areas where plumbing and utilities pass through
  • Repair any plumbing issues
  • Eliminate other sources of moisture
  • Remove all food sources
  • Practice good sanitation habits
  • Do not let newspaper, cardboard boxes, and other clutter accumulate especially in areas prone to cockroach infestations

What to do if you already have a cockroach problem in your Denver home

If you’ve already found roaches or signs of cockroaches in your home, you could attempt to get rid of these pests on your own but it's not as easy as it seems. In fact, using a product improperly or in the wrong location could cause the infestation to spread. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to contact EnviroPest for professional cockroach control. Providing effective pest control services in Denver since 1965, our team specializes in eliminating and preventing problems and will work diligently to protect people and property from these pests and others!

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