A Mouse In The House Is Never Okay

There’s a mouse in the house! You might be tempted to overlook one tiny little mouse in your home, after all, it’s just trying to stay warm and find a morsel of food, right? There’s no harm in being charitable to a single mouse during the holiday season, is there? Oh friends, if either of these thoughts has run or is running through your mind, please read on to discover why a mouse in the house is never okay! 

mouse tucked in a corner of a colorado springs house

First off, it’s never just one mouse in the house

You can be sure if you’ve spotted a mouse in your house, there’s a lot more you haven’t seen running around inside our walls or through your attic, or elsewhere in your home. Mice are social creatures who enjoy the company of other mice-folk and even leave behind pheromone trails for others to follow once they’ve found a suitable place to inhabit. 

When mice infest homes, they might bring more than just their pals

Have you ever stopped to think about where a mouse might travel before it ends up inside your home? They forage in some not-so-savory places in search of food at times – dumps, dumpsters, sewers, etc. Unfortunately, they often pick up germs, parasites, and diseases as they wander from place to place. While that might not seem alarming, it really is. The same feet that walk through sites loaded with harmful bacteria and whatnot may also touch your kitchen countertops, cupboards, and drawers to name a few places contaminating as they go. 

Fleas, ticks, and mites may also show up as they often attach to mice and this can lead to the transmission of disease and jeopardize good health. 

And the constant chewing can lead to serious damage and even housefires! 

Mice have this incessant need to continuously chew in order to maintain the length of their ever-growing incisors. This means that they will use your walls, insulation, PVC pipes, and electrical wires (to name a few) as teething rings! That may seem fairly innocent enough at first, but the damage done by chewing mice can range from minor cosmetic issues to serious structural damage, AND mice are actually thought to be the cause of as many as 40% of fires of unknown origin here in the U.S.

No good will come by letting mice enjoy your hospitality

While we always want to find exceptions when confronted with a situation, when it comes to mice, you really need to draw a line in the sand and NEVER let these pests run unchecked in your home. The health and well-being of your family and home are too important to leave a mouse problem unaddressed. 

What to do if you suspect you have a mouse infestation in your house 

If you’ve found rodent droppings mixed in with the silverware, have heard noises coming from the walls at night, or have noticed or signs of mice in your home, the best decision you can make is to contact a local pest control company that specializes in rodent control. 

Professional rodent control in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs & Northern Colorado

At EnviroPest, we offer home pest control services that exterminate mice and prevent new mouse problems from developing. Our Colorado’s Choice Smart Service is a year-round residential plan that includes:

  • Ongoing pest protection 
  • Four seasonal services 
  • Coverage for 30+ pests including rodents
  • 24/7 digital rodent monitoring & other rodent control strategies

For the best pest control services that target both insects and rodents that often show up in Colorado homes, reach out to EnviroPest today via form or phone to get started!

This blog was originally published 12/29/15; it has been updated to reflect the most up to date information. 

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