Why Do You Have Mice In Your Loveland Home?

Yup. It's happening again. You snuggle down into your soft warm bed when you hear it. Scratching, chewing noises just above your head. Could that be a mouse in the house? Several mice? How did mice get inside? The next morning you slide the silverware drawer open and, what's that in the back? A scattering of mouse droppings? How did a mouse get inside that drawer? Then you grab the box of Cheerios from the cabinet only to find it has a hole chewed right through it. How on earth did a mouse get into that cabinet? Well, if you are wondering how mice are getting into these places, and you're curious why you have mice in your Loveland home in the first place, we have a few ideas.

mouse chewing on wire in loveland co home

Conditions that attract mice to your yard

  • Do you have an overgrown yard? Mice and other pests love having places to hide, and tall grass and weeds provide excellent hiding places. Make sure your yard is well trimmed so mice have fewer places to hide.
  • Do you have a lot of clutter lying around? Again, clutter gives mice places to hide. Remove all unnecessary items from your yard. This may also remove sources of water for pests, since these items often collect rain water.
  • Do you have firewood or construction materials stacked near your house? Mice will create nests in these and when the weather begins to cool, they will look to find a warmer place to live, like your nice warm house.
  • Do you have bushes, trees, or other vegetation that has grown to brush against your home? If so, mice and other pests can use these as bridges to climb to your walls or roof area. Trim back all plants and trees so they are well away from your home.
  • Do you have food sources outside for mice to feed on? Mice will be drawn in by bowls of pet food, leftover barbecue items, seeds from bird feeders, vegetables or fruit left in gardens or on the ground, and any other outside food sources. Remove these so mice won't find them.
  • Dos your trash cans’ lids stay on? If you have open trash cans, mice will be drawn in for a nice meal. They are not picky eaters. Purchase new cans with tight fitting lids, or use bungee cords to secure the lids.

How mice get inside and why they stay

  • Does your home have entry points for pests? Even the tiniest cracks or holes will let mice and other pests through into your house. Check your foundation, walls, and roof areas for gaps or cracks, and make sure they are sealed tight. Remember to check areas around pipes and wires and other items that enter the home.
  • Do you have food and water sources for mice inside your home? It doesn't take much to feed a mouse. Make sure your home is clean and clear of any crumbs or spills so, if a mouse does get in, he won't find anything to eat, and will move on.
  • Does your home have water for mice? Check all your pipes and fixtures for leaks, and have them repaired. Use fans or dehumidifiers in places where moisture tends to collect.

How to rid your Loveland home of mice

If you have any, or many, of the conditions above, this could be why you have mice in your Loveland home. But there's no cause for worry because EnviroPest is here to assist you. Offering effective pest control services in Loveland that get rid of mice, we take care of rodents so you can focus on your family!

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This blog was originally published 10/31/2016 but has been updated to reflect latest information.
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