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If you're looking for pest control services in Centennial, Colorado, that can help you get rid of insects and rodents, then we're the right company to call. We have been providing pest control solutions since 1965 and can assist both homeowners and business owners in Centennial with the removal of pests such as ants, spiders, mice, and other pests.

Active Pests In Centennial, CO

Home Pest Control In Centennial, CO

If you're struggling with bugs or other pests in your home and need help, EnviroPest is the best pest control team in Colorado that you can rely on! We understand the risks that pest infestations pose to your health and property, and we know how to eliminate existing pest activity and prevent new infestations. Our award-winning home pest control plans in Centennial start at just $39/month, which includes year-round protection from a variety of pests and free re-treatments. To get started, all you need to do is request a quote or give us a call.

Colorado's Choice

Our Colorado's Choice program provides year-round pest protection with targeted treatments each season, and no charge re-treatments whenever needed. Just $39 per month on our easy pay program.

Pests covered under the Colorado's Choice include:

  • Ants 
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Crickets
  • Spiders 
  • Wasps and more!
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Carpenter Ant Control In Centennial, CO

Carpenter ants play a crucial role in breaking down dead wood in forests and woods. However, when they start excavating sound and water-damaged wood inside homes and businesses in Centennial, they become a nuisance and can cause significant damage.

At EnviroPest, we specialize in offering carpenter ant treatments in Centennial that effectively stop these destructive ants from causing more damage. Whenever you reach out to us for help, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to confirm the presence of carpenter ants and then provide the necessary treatment.

We recommend homeowners in Centennial sign up for an ongoing pest control plan if they want to have continuous protection against carpenter ants, as well as other types of ants and common household pests.

Centennial, CO Termite Control

Termites are not as prevalent in Centennial compared to other parts of Colorado, but they can still pose a threat. If you are a homeowner who wishes to avoid termite damage or suspects that these wood-damaging insects have already infested your property, feel free to contact EnviroPest for assistance.

When you contact us for termite control in Centennial, a licensed exterminator will visit your property to inspect for termites, termite damage, and conducive conditions. Once evaluated, we will review our findings and recommend treatment.

Our team uses Trelona® ATBS termite bait systems to stop termites. A proven, lasting protection, this termite baiting solution not only takes care of existing termite activity but prevents new termite colonies from establishing. To learn more about our termite control services, please reach out today.

Mosquito & Tick Control In Centennial, CO

Not only do infected mosquitoes transmit illnesses such as the West Nile virus, but ticks in Colorado are capable of spreading tick-borne diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you’re tired of itchy mosquito bites and don’t want to worry about ticks on your property, we understand and that’s why we offer seasonal mosquito and tick control services in Centennial that include:

  • Monthly treatments May through September
  • Larvicide treatments to prevent mosquito reproduction

Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks keep you inside when you’d rather be relaxing on your deck, letting your kids play on the lawn, or puttering around on your property, reach out to EnviroPest today!

Smart Rodent Control In Centennial, CO

If you’ve found mouse droppings or suspect your home has been infested by mice or rats, it is important to take action right away. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your belongings damaged, insulation contaminated, wires chewed on, and other problems.  Plus, rodent infestations can jeopardize the health and wellbeing of your family members.

Don’t waste time and money buying and setting up mouse traps or trying other DIY rodent control; if you don’t address the source of the infestation, it will be a reoccurring issue. Instead, contact EnviroPest. 

Our home pest control plan, Colorado’s Choice Smart Service, includes year-round protection against 30+ pests including rodents and features 24/7 digital rodent monitoring. When you sign up for this ongoing plan, you can count on our team to protect your home and family from rodents. Learn more about Colorado’s Choice Smart Service below.

colorado's choice complete home pest control

Colorado's Choice Smart Service 

Our Colorado's Choice Smart Service is the most comprehensive home pest control plan EnviroPest targets 30+ pests and includes four seasonal visits and 24/7 digital rodent monitoring. 

Pests covered under the Colorado's Choice Smart Service includes:

  • Ants (Carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, sugar ants)
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Spiders (House spiders, rock spiders, wolf spiders, black widow spiders)
  • Wasps (Baldfaced hornets, paper wasps, yellow jackets)

Cockroach Control In Centennial, CO

Cockroaches are a common summer pest problem, but these vile pests are also an issue all year round in Centennial and throughout Colorado. That’s right, even when temperatures drop, you could find cockroaches in your kitchen or in other parts of your home or business. If you have discovered a cockroach problem, contact Enviropest for relief.

Our Centennial, Co pest control pros offer treatments for a variety of roaches, including American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. For help solving your cockroach problem, contact our team today!

Centennial, CO Bed Bug Removal Services

If you’ve lost sleep because of bed bugs, contact EnviroPest today for effective bed bug removal in Centennial. Our experienced bed bug exterminators have the tools and know-how to eliminate all stages of bed bugs – that’s adult bugs, nymphs, and bed bug eggs! When you reach out to us to schedule a bed bug treatment, here's what you can expect:

  • A bed bug inspection to confirm the presence of these biting bugs
  • An explanation of our findings and our recommended bed bug treatment plan
  • A list of preparations that must be completed prior to treatment day
  • A targeted, single-day bed bug heat treatment

Without proper bed bug control, these biting pests will not go away. Left untreated, they will grow larger in number and spread to other parts of your home or business. To solve your bed bug problem right the first time, contact EnviroPest at the first sign of bed bugs.

Spider Control In Centennial, CO

Trying to eliminate house spiders, wolf spiders, and other types of spiders from your home on your own is likely to be unsuccessful and leave you annoyed. Not only are the DIY products ineffective, but they also don’t address the root cause of the infestation.

Here at EnviroPest, we offer spider control in Centennial that includes accurate identification and treatment that targets spiders and removes their webs and egg sacs. When you hire our team of pest control specialists, you don’t have to put up with these eight-legged pests!

Insect Control In Centennial, Colorado

Centennial, like other communities in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO metro area, faces insect problems. One type of insect problem is caused by occasional invaders. These are a group of insects and arthropods that enter homes and other structures occasionally. Examples of occasional invaders include earwigs, boxelder bugs, centipedes, clover mites, lady bugs, and crickets. The good news is that these pests are more of a nuisance than a serious problem. 

Still, no one wants to share their home with creepy crawlies, and that’s why EnviroPest offers pest control services in Centennial that are designed to eliminate insects. Whether you’re looking for a one-time pest treatment or ongoing service to keep insects out, we can help! 

Commercial Pest Control In Centennial, Colorado

At EnviroPest, we are committed to helping Centennial businesses protect people, property, and brand reputation from insect and rodent infestations.  Our commercial pest control services in Centennial are customized for each business we serve and feature ongoing pest management and smart pest control with digital rodent monitoring. What’s more, we’ll provide you with the documentation you need to demonstrate compliance with your governing authorities.