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Since 1965, EnviroPest has served the Windsor, Colorado region for all of its residential pest control and commercial pest control needs. Using only the latest pest control methods as well as environmentally-friendly products, we proudly offer quick, efficient and affordable solutions. At EnviroPest, we understand the frustration common pests like ants, bed bugs and termites can introduce to a family or business. That’s why no matter what kind of pest is threatening your livelihood or property, our licensed team of technicians is ready to help.

Windsor Ant Control

Each year, ants remain one of the most common pest problems in households across Colorado and America. Though there are numerous different types of ants, households are usually plagued with three specific kinds: pavement, sugar and carpenter ants. Ants are foraging creatures by nature and will travel through anything to find a food source before leaving a trail for their fellow scavengers. Besides being a simple annoyance, ants also can cause significant structural damage or even contaminate food. So if you have an ant problem, it’s best to remedy it as soon as possible. Since the majority of ants reach our households through open cracks, doors and windows, the best way to prevent their arrival would be to seal such openings and also regularly keep your living spaces clean.

Spider Control

Did you know there are over 30,000 classified species of spiders? In Windsor and throughout Colorado however, we only have to worry about a few kinds entering our homes and businesses and they include:

  • House spiders
  • Rock spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Black widow spiders

    Thankfully, with the exception of black widow spiders, most of these spiders are not considered dangerous, though they can leave unpleasant bites behind. Generally, spiders are very easy creatures to identify with their hairy, brown bodies and long legs. There are a few easy steps families and businesses can take in order to prevent spiders from invading and setting up house: seal any windows or screens that have gaping holes and regularly remove clutter from storage spaces.

    Stinging Insect Control

    A nest of wasps or any other stinging insect near your property can be a dangerous threat to your family or business. Together, stinging insects send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each year. Wasps in particular have been a growing hazard in Windsor and around Colorado in recent years. Unlike the common bee, wasps have longer wings and larger eyes and can also sting repeatedly. Their nests are typically found:

    • Under roof eaves
    • Near soffits
    • In the ground
    • Under picnic tables

      A wasp nest is the last thing you want near your home or business. To help keep your family, friends, employees and customers safe from potential stings, contact your trusted Windsor exterminator EnviroPest today!

      Full Service Pest Control Windsor

      In addition to ant, spider, and stinging insect control, EnviroPest offers compressive and affordable pest control for your property in Windsor, Colorado. Our licensed team of technicians will solve any common household pest problem like termites or bed bugs through the latest methods and products. EnviroPest also offers humane and efficient wildlife services for rodents, birds and other wildlife species. No matter how small or how scary, EnviroPest is ready to take care of all the “creepy crawly things” in Colorado! Contact our Windsor pest control pros today!

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