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What Attracts Rats To Yards & Homes

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No one wants to share their home with rodents and yet every year, an untold number of Colorado homeowners find themselves dealing with destructive and health-jeopardizing rats. It’s entirely possible that a vacant property down the street is responsible for the problem or a neighboring house with a cluttered and overgrown yard is the source behind the rat population or something else entirely. Regardless, they're not welcome and property owners should do everything in their power to avoid rats which includes identifying and correcting conditions that attract them to their yards and homes in the first place. 

rat on top of trash can outside a colorado home

How do you tell the difference between mice and rats?

Before we move on to what attracts rats to yards and homes, we think it would be appropriate to make the distinction between mice and rats. Of course, the size of the rodent is an easy clue as to its species but it’s not the only one. Check out this article, The Difference Between Mice And Rats, for more information on properly identifying these rodents.

What attracts rats to yards

If your yard provides the basic needs of food and water, it is likely to attract rats (as well as other pests). As is the case with most pest problems, rat infestations originate on the exterior of a house. Unfortunately, if your yard is indeed attracting rats, then it’s only reasonable to assume these large rodents will move indoors if the opportunity presents itself. In order to make your yard less attractive to rats, you should:

  • Pick up animal droppings regularly
  • Store trash in durable containers with lids
  • Do not pile up cardboard boxes and other trash beside trash cans or elsewhere in the yard
  • Remove branches, leaves, and other organic debris
  • Haul off or pick up tires and other items that you aren’t currently using or that you don’t plan on using any time soon 
  • If you’re a composter, use a solid-sided bin with a cover to hold your vegetable peelings and kitchen waste
  • Pick up any ripe or overripe fruit when it falls from the tree
  • Harvest your garden regularly 
  • Do not leave pet food and water bowls outside 
  • Avoid feeding birds and other wildlife 
  • Make sure there are no water issues on your property, such as a dripping exterior faucet or a low-spot where water accumulates 

What attracts rats to your home

As is the case with mice, rats infest homes for food, water, and shelter. Once rats have inserted themselves into the framework of your home (literally and figuratively), they are not easily removed. It’s much easier to prevent rat infestations than it is for a homeowner to get them out on their own. With that in mind, the best way to prevent rat problems is to eliminate the three elements they need to survive. Please take a look at our suggestions below:

  • Rats can slip through relatively small openings (half an inch or larger) on the exterior of a house; inspect your home from the foundation to the top of the roof for any openings and make sure to seal every single one. 
  • Sinks full of dirty dishes, crumbs on the counters and floors, and easy access to open packages of food in the pantry will lure rats to the kitchen; store all opened food in containers with tight-fitting lids, clean up crumbs and spills as they happen, wash dishes after every meal, and don’t forget to clean up grease and food build-up around the stove. 
  • Leaking appliances, plumbing issues, and rooms with excessive moisture provide rats with the water they need to survive; be sure to repair appliances, sinks, and other plumbing problems right away and run dehumidifiers in high-humidity areas.  

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