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Effective Pest Control Services In Greenwood Village, CO

If you’re on the search for the best pest control company in Greenwood Village, reach out to EnviroPest. As one of Colorado’s oldest and largest pest control companies, we take pride in delivering effective and affordable pest control solutions for homes and businesses in Greenwood Village, Englewood, and Denver as well as throughout our service area. Don’t put up with ants, wasps, spiders, and other bugs or rodents, give us a shout today!

Active Pests In Greenwood Village, CO

Home Pest Control In Greenwood Village, CO

Protecting your home from insects and rodents is much easier when you choose EnviroPest. Our team of experts offer home pest control services in Greenwood Village that offer lasting results and zero hassles.  Check out our Colorado’s Choice Smart Service and contact us with any questions or to request a quote!

Colorado's Choice SMART Service

What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • Covers 30+ Pests
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • Rodent Control
  • 24/7 Digital Rodent Monitoring
**initial fees may apply

Smart Rodent Control In Greenwood Village, CO

Have you found mouse droppings and other evidence indicating you have a rodent problem in your home or tried mouse traps with lackluster results? Unfortunately, rodent infestations are not easily solved, at least not without the help of rodent exterminating professionals.

At EnviroPest, we offer smart rodent control services in Greenwood Village that stop rodents from running rampant in your home and that minimize the risks to health and property. Say goodbye to mice and rats when you reach out to EnviroPest for the best in rodent protection.

Greenwood Village, CO Bed Bug Removal

If bed bugs are causing you to lose sleep, EnviroPest can help! We offer effective bed bug removal services in Greenwood Village that are ideal for homes and businesses infested with these biting pests.

Our experienced team has the tools and know-how to exterminate adult bed bugs, nymphs, and bed bug eggs- in other words, all stages of bed bug development. When you sign up for bed bug control, we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect for bed bugs
  • Go over the results of our bed bug inspection and recommend a treatment, if we confirm there’s an infestation
  • Help you prepare for your bed bug heat treatment by providing you with a list of preparations that must be completed before we can treat your property
  • Complete a targeted, single-day bed bug heat treatment

Without treatment, your bed bug problem will only grow worse as these biting pests will continue to feed and reproduce. If you’re worried about bed bugs, contact EnviroPest for help – you won’t regret it!

Commercial Pest Control In Greenwood Village, Colorado

At EnviroPest, we understand the threat pests create pose to businesses and that's why we offer commercial pest control services in Greenwood Village and elsewhere in our service area.

When you partner with our local pest control company, our team will implement a plan of action that protects your people, products, and facility.  Our commercial pest management includes, but is not limited to:

  • A free needs-assessment of your facility.
  • A survey for the presence of protected species.
  • Development and implementation of a customized pest management plan.
  • Documentation illustrating your company's compliance with local and state laws and regulations.

Don’t settle for a pest control company that provides mediocre service. Your company deserves better and that’s what you’ll get when you choose EnviroPest!

ant control customer fort morgan


‟Enviropest came to my rescue the next business day after I called and took care of my ant problem lickety-split. They are now on my speed dial.”
Linda P.
Fort Morgan, CO
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