How To Prevent Wasps From Nesting Under The Deck

It is so frustrating to find a wasp nest under your deck. Why do those stinging pests nest under there? That's what we're going to look at today. We'll share with you a few reasons why wasps want to build a nest under your deck and tips to help deter them. We'll also tell you the professional solution that stops wasps from causing trouble. Let's get started!

wasps building nest under deck in denver co

Two ways wasps in Colorado will nest under your deck

Some wasps create aerial nests out of paper. They look like big, gray paper eggs. Some wasps create nests you won't see. They make their paper nests inside ground holes created by rodents. It is important to understand what wasps make their nests from and that certain wasps create their nests in the ground—particularly if you're hoping to deter them. We'll get to prevention tips in a moment. First, let's look at why those stinging pests want to create a nest down there.


Reasons wasps make nests underneath your deck

Wasps that create aerial nests will do so in protected areas. They want to shield their nests from strong winds and rain. Often, they create nests on roof overhangs or on the ceilings of porches. But they can also create nests underneath decks.

Wasps that build nests in the ground will do so if they find ground holes created by other animals. Most of these wasps don't dig their own holes. They live off the generosity of critters. Once inside a ground hole, they'll do some excavation to make the hole their home. 

Along with ideal conditions for building a nest, there is another important reason wasps will choose to build a nest under your deck: Food. These insects want to create their nests close to food sources. They feed on the nectar in flowers, so establishing a nest near flower beds is ideal. They also feed on protein sources found in trash receptacles. If you sit your receptacles next to your back deck, the scent might attract wasps.

What can you do to deter wasps?

As we pointed out, certain wasps will choose to build under your deck because it provides protection. Dragging wood and other materials out from underneath your deck or blowing leaves out of that space can make the void under your deck feel open and less protected. When nesting locations are near the ground, wasps aren't as prone to build a nest unless there is clutter on the ground to provide some protection from animals.

If you're looking to deter wasps that build nests in the ground, there is one simple step you can take. Look for the holes and fill them in. You may also deter rodents and other wildlife on your property to prevent them from digging holes in the first place. Do this by addressing the food sources that attract them, like seeds, nuts, fruits, and exposed trash. Speaking of trash, a simple way to deter wasps from creating a nest under your deck or on your roofline is to move trash receptacles away from your exterior. 

Another food to consider is the nectar of flowers. While it isn't practical to remove all of the flowers from your property, you may remove flowering weeds from your lawn and landscaping to reduce sources of nectar. That will help deter wasps.

One last factor to consider is nesting materials. Wasps gather pulp from decaying wood to make the paper material they use for building their nests. Remove logs and stumps, protect campfire wood, and store dead branches in a covered bin.


The best way to prevent wasp nests

A wasp nest can start to form at any time during the warm weather months. It is easy to have these insects sneak up on you because life gets busy. The best way to avoid unwanted encounters with wasps on your property is to get year-round home pest control from EnviroPest. 

Our service plan comes with routine pest inspections. Your pest control specialist will catch trouble early and remove nests quickly. The service also comes with pest treatments to eliminate ants, spiders, and other pest populations in your yard and in your home. Wasps eat bugs as a source of protein. A yard with fewer bugs is less interesting to wasps. 

Do you live in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or in Northern Colorado? Reach out to EnviroPest and ask us about Colorado Choice, our award-winning solution for home pest protection. It is an effective and affordable way to deal with a long list of common Colorado pests, including paper wasps, yellow jackets, and bald-faced hornets.  


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