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Locally operated EnviroPest offers comprehensive pest solutions in Wheat Ridge, Colorado that exterminate and prevent nuisance and destructive insects and rodents. If you’re searching for an experienced pest control company that delivers results, pick up the phone and give us a shout! Available for homes and businesses in Wheat Ridge and throughout the Denver metro, EnviroPest is ready to be your trusted pest control partner.

Active Pests In Wheat Ridge, CO

Home Pest Control In Wheat Ridge, Colorado 

Are you struggling with pests? Do you feel like your home is being overrun with crawling insects and other pests? Whether you’re dealing with an existing infestation or simply want to be proactive in the fight against unwanted invaders, contact EnviroPest today to sign up for our Colorado’s Choice Smart Service.

Colorado's Choice SMART Service

What's included:
  • Year-Round Pest Protection
  • 4 Seasonal Services
  • Covers 30+ Pests
  • Free Re-Treat Service
  • Rodent Control
  • 24/7 Digital Rodent Monitoring
**initial fees may apply

In business since 1965, our pest control company knows Colorado pests and we have the best tools in the industry to take care of them. Don’t wait for ants to crawl across the kitchen floor or mice to scurry through wall voids; reach out today to learn more about our home pest control services in Wheat Ridge!

Effective Bed Bug Control In Wheat Ridge, CO

You’ve woken up with bed bug bites, now what? If you’re in a hurry to solve your bed bug problem (and really, who isn’t?), contact EnviroPest right away. Our bed bug removal services in Wheat Ridge are effective in getting rid of adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs- in other words, all stages of the bed bug life cycle.

Our process for identifying and eliminating bed bugs from homes and businesses is straightforward and includes:

  • A thorough bed bug inspection
  • A review of our findings, our recommended treatment and pricing, and how to prepare your property for treatment
  • Environmentally responsible bed bug heat treatments that kill bed bugs in a matter of hours- not days.

Tossing your mattress out will not solve a bed bug problem, and ignoring it will only cause the infestation to grow and spread to other rooms. The best way to win the battle against these biting pests is to seek professional remediation right away. Don’t wait, contact EnviroPest at the first sign of bed bugs!

Commercial Pest Control In Wheat Ridge, CO

Your customers have high expectations and so should you. If they find a cockroach in a bathroom or discover other pests in and around your business, they’re not going to think favorably about your company. And can you blame them?

To avoid pest problems, EnviroPest is here to help! With more than 55 years of industry-specific experience and expertise, we don’t simply spray your facility and call it good. Rather the opposite in fact! Our commercial pest control services in Wheat Ridge are performed by highly trained and fully licensed pest control specialists who work closely with business owners, managers, and employees to identify, target, and eliminate pest pressures that distract from the real work.

When you reach out for help, here’s what you can expect:

  • A free needs assessment of your facility and grounds.
  • Development of a customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that eradicates existing pest activity and stops new infestations from occurring.
  • Provide thorough reporting and documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with local and state laws and regulations.

As we like to say, bugs are our business. Don’t let them be yours.

pest control customer longmont co


‟Always very professional and informative during each interaction. Also, the mice have not come back and we are pest-free.”
Kristine B.
Longmont, CO
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