What Are Those Really Small Red Bugs?

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When we get calls for tiny red bugs, the pest we find is called a clover mite. If you're not familiar, clover mites are tiny arachnids with noticeably long front legs. If you have great eyesight, you might think you're looking at a six-legged bug with long antennae, and that can throw you off when attempting to identify these bugs. Arachnids have eight legs. Join us today as we break down the facts about clover mites and give you what you need to keep them out of your home. For immediate assistance with a clover mite problem, contact your EnviroPest service team. We provide service in and around Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder, as well as Northern Colorado. We're here to help.

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Quick identification facts for clover mites

A clover mite is a whopping 1/30 of an inch. We say this in jest because they are considered one of the larger plant-eating pest mites found in the United States. But, they aren't large at all. Fortunately (or unfortunately), they are found in exceedingly large populations. That means you don't have to look for one tiny, eight-legged pest. You'll find thousands.

As you can tell from the title of this article, clover mites are red bugs. There aren't many red bugs and there's only one red bug that looks similar. It is the chigger. A simple way to tell the difference between chiggers and clover mites is to consider their behavior. You won't find chiggers invading your home by the thousands, and you won't find clover mites biting you.

Another pest to consider is the tick. It is possible to mistake a tick for a clover mite if you don't know much about either. But ticks, which are small enough to get mistaken for clover mites, do not have eight legs. They hatch with only six. Ticks are also brown, rather than bright red, like a clover mite or chigger.

How clover mites behave in spring

When temperatures warm, clover mites are active. They will climb vegetation and lay their eggs above ground. You'll find them active near the exterior of your home, trees, sheds, and other vertical surfaces. This egg-laying behavior brings them into your home.

How to keep clover mites out

There are primarily two steps you can take to prevent a clover mite infestation if you don't already have one. Step one is to trim or entirely remove any vegetation that touches the exterior of any structures on your property. Step two is to use a caulking gun to seal foundation cracks and any gaps in your exterior.

How a pest control company can help

If you have year-round pest control, your exterior has the protection needed to keep a long list of pests out of your home, including clover mites. Your pest control plan comes with routine pest treatments around the exterior of your home. These treatments make it difficult for pests to live near your home, and nearly impossible for them to enter. Your pest control technician will also inspect your exterior during your routine visits and provide targeted pest control as needed to address pest problems as they arise.

You don't have to wait until you have a pest problem in your home. Ongoing pest management around your exterior deals with insects, bugs, and rodents before they enter.

Assistance for clover mites in Colorado

If you live in Colorado, there is a good chance you're in our service area. Contact EnviroPest today and ask us about our Colorado's Choice Service. For a low monthly investment, you can get essential protection from a long list of pests, like ants, centipedes, beetles, spiders, wasps, clover mites, and more.

The Colorado's Choice Service is built for your Colorado home. It is a three-step program that gets results.

  • Step 1: We analyze your home and create a plan that works to address your unique pest control needs. We listen closely to your needs and help you find the solutions that work for you.
  • Step 2: We use industry-leading pest control methods and products to make sure you get the results you want.
  • Step 3: We service your property every season to keep nuisance insects and rodents out. 

Want to learn more about our home pest control plan? Contact EnviroPest today. We'd love to talk with you.       

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