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Longmont, Colorado, prides itself on being a diverse city that is welcoming to any person or family. Whether you are looking for a quiet neighborhood to live in, or a new employment opportunity, we can assure you that Longmont has what you are looking for! Just like the diverse nature of the people living in Longmont, there is a diverse insect and rodent population that also call Longmont home. Whether you are a home or business owner, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the Colorado pest control professionals here at EnviroPest are dedicated to keeping your property free of pests. We offers a variety of services to meet the needs of any customer and can provide effective pest control in an affordable, fast, environmentally friendly manner. Start protecting your Longmont property from pests today with the help of the pest control experts here at EnviroPest!

Home Pest Control in Longmont, Colorado

At EnviroPest we know just how stressful pest problems can be. After all, nobody wants to have a line of ants marching through the kitchen, spiders spying on you in the shower, or mice running in the attic. Along with being a huge nuisance, pests can cause a lot of damages to the structure of homes, destroy personal items, contaminate food, and introduce dangerous diseases and bacteria that can make you and your family ill. We understand the importance of responding to a pest problem quickly armed with solutions that work. Our top priority is to provide superior services to eliminate and control pests in your Longmont home.

The best way to control pests in your home is to put in place a year-round pest control plan . With year-round protection, you can be sure that current pest problems will be taken care of and measures will be put in place to prevent future pest problems. To meet that goal, we offer our Colorado’s Choice Plan; this plan provides our customers with a detailed interior and exterior inspection, treatment, and seasonal exterior treatments. Added benefits to the Colorado’s Choice Plan include monthly billing, priority scheduling, a 20% discount on other services provided by EnviroPest, and the knowledge that if pests return between scheduled visits, so will we!

Longmont Wildlife Control Solutions

Wildlife can be problematic for homeowners living all across Colorado, including those living in Longmont. Bats, raccoons, and pest birds are common invaders of Longmont properties and homes. They can cause major damages to lawns and homes, introduce diseases, and trigger allergies. The wildlife control experts at EnviroPest have come up with unique solutions to evict wild animals from your home in a safe, humane, and fast manner.

Our wildlife control solutions include the following:

  • A thorough inspection of your home to find all potential entry points.
  • The installation of very humane and cost-effective eviction devices. The devices allow the intruders to leave your home, but do not allow them to get back inside.
  • A follow-up visit to ensure complete elimination has occurred and to remove the device/s.Repairing of entry points to prevent future issues with wildlife.
  • We also provide services to clean up any waste that was left behind, disinfect affected areas, provide attic cleanup, and if necessary replace insulation.

Bed Bug Treatments for Homes & Businesses

Bed bugs are a problem for both home and business owners. They are parasitic pests that hitchhike their way onto people and their belongings and into a new home or business every day. Eliminating bed bugs is a job that needs to be completed by professionals to ensure that all adult bed bugs, eggs, and larvae have been found and treated. If this does not occur, a re-infestation of your property will quickly occur.

At EnviroPest, we offer effective solutions to eliminate any size bed bug infestation from any size home or business. Our experts will perform a thorough visual bed bug inspection, and if bed bug activity is discovered, they will immediately sit down with you and discuss your treatment options. At EnviroPest, we offer two solutions to bed bugs: our standard bed bug control services or bed bug heat treatment.

Standard bed bug control services:

  • Detailed Inspection.
  • The implementation of a targeted treatment plan.
  • Follow-up visits scheduled within 14 days of the initial treatment.
  • For added protection against bed bugs, bed-bug proof box spring and mattress encasements are available.

Bed bug heat treatments:

  • This is very safe, effective, and environmentally sound treatment for getting rid of all stages of bed bugs.
  • Specialized heaters are monitored by our professionals. The heaters work to heat affected rooms to 130 degrees where the temperature is maintained for 4-6 hours- killing all adults, eggs, and larvae.
  • Treatment is completed in a day and causes minimal disruption in a home or business.

Why Property Owners Should Choose EnviroPest for Pest Control in Longmont

Whether you are a home or business owner in Longmont, one thing that you can count on is that the professionals at EnviroPest can successfully keep your property free of pests. We are a family owned and operated company whose roots run deep in Colorado. We understand the unique challenges and needs of Colorado property owners and have been trusted by thousands of home and business owners since 1965 to protect their homes and businesses from pests.

Our pest professionals are highly trained, experienced, fully licensed, and are capable of providing any customer with industry leading pest control services. All of our pest control services are effective at getting rid of pests and are safe for the environment and sensitive to the needs of the property owner. Contact EnviroPest today and start protecting your residential or business property from insects, rodents, and wildlife!

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