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How To Get Rid Of Voles In Colorado

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If you think voles are like moles, you are not alone. But the truth is, voles are rodents and have much more in common with mice. In fact, voles are also called field mice, or meadow mice. They measure around 4-7 inches in length, weigh about an ounce, and have a stocky, rounded body. Their ears are tiny, their eyes are tiny, and they have a blunt nose. Being rodents, voles have a set of incisors that never stop growing. Because of this, they never stop chewing on things. They have a need to constantly wear down those ever-growing teeth. But this is only the beginning of the problems these little creatures can cause. Not only are they a vector for spreading diseases, through their droppings and by introducing disease-carrying parasites such as lice, mites, fleas and ticks, they can also cause significant damage to property if left unchecked.

vole exiting its nest outside of a colorado home

Voles damage lawns

When voles come and take up residence on a property, they don't only do damage to lawns and open grassy areas, they will burrow underneath everything from colorful flowering plants to vegetable in your garden. Voles can cause bushes to suffer ugly brown patches, and flowers will die if voles continue to chew on their roots or bulbs. This can be very frustrating to gardeners who have put hard-earned money, time and energy into making their property look beautiful. If you are seeing any of these signs of vole activity, it is best to seek professional help before the damages become severe.

Vole damage to trees

As mentioned, these little rodents never stop chewing, and one of their favorites things to chew on is wood. They especially love the bark and wood around the base of trees. If voles have invaded your property, it probably won't be long before you start noticing this kind of damage on the base of your trees. Voles can do significant damage as they remove bark. This injury, called girdling, can stop the flow of water and nutrients from going from the root system to the rest of the tree. So this chewing not only causes a tree to look damaged and worn, but it can actually kill it.

How can you get rid of voles?

There are a number of steps a home or business owner can take to minimize the effects voles are having on their property. And these efforts may cause these little property destroyers to pack up and leave. But, they are resourceful little creatures that can be difficult to eradicate. Here are a few suggestions on how to discourage voles:

  • Metal skirting around trees: Purchase metal skirting and place it around the base of your trees that are being affected by vole activity. If done in time this could save the life of the tree.
  • Fencing around gardens: If voles are eating away at your vegetable gardens, try installing fencing all the way around. Be sure that the fencing reaches at least 8 inches down below the surface, as these creatures can easily get underneath shallow fencing.
  • Taking care of old tunnels: Voles are known to use established tunnels that were left by other moles. To prevent this from happening, a pest control company can treat these tunnels with a substance that smells like the scent moles use to mark their territories. This will prevent new voles from using old tunnels.

If you're struggling with voles and you'd like them taken care of completely, and efficiently, reach out to the professionals here at Enviropest . We have the proper tools and experience to save your property from these destructive pests. In most cases, we can be at your service on the same day or the very next day. And we guarantee complete satisfaction. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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