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May Rain Equals More Mosquitoes In Denver & Colorado

As of May 27th, Denver experienced the 4th rainiest month on record, receiving over 5 inches of rain. While that’s great for drought relief, it does present another problem – more mosquitoes this summer. Read on to find out how May’s showers (or downpours) may contribute to increased mosquito activity this month and throughout the summer.

mosquitoes breed in water collected in buckets

The rain- mosquito connection

There are numerous species of mosquitoes, and while they have different traits and behaviors, there is one thing they all have in common, and that is where they lay eggs.

Even though they may have different preferences for selecting a site in which to lay eggs, all mosquitoes must have water. For example, some mosquitoes lay eggs in vegetation and holes or low spots and then depend on spring floodwaters to activate the hatching cycle of such eggs. The eggs from this species of mosquito can stay dormant for years until enough rain floods the area and stimulates the hatching process.

Other species of mosquitoes will lay their eggs directly on top of quiet, standing water. This could be ditches, ponds, gutters on the house, and even flowerpots on the deck. The smallest amount of standing water is adequate for a mosquito to deposit eggs to be hatched.

Once they lay their eggs, it doesn’t take long before adult mosquitoes are flying around

Unfortunately, an entire life cycle (meaning the time it takes for mosquito eggs to hatch and turn into full grown adults) can be completed in about 10 days. And as soon as they’ve reached maturity, the new crop of female mosquitoes is ready to start reproducing. It’s an ongoing cycle during the summer and one that is greatly aided by rainfall.

Rain alone cannot be blamed for increased mosquito activity

When it comes to rain, mosquitoes don’t necessarily like the actual rainfall, they like the results which is standing water. Standing water in conjunction with warm temperatures (greater than 50 degrees Fahrenheit ) equal prime mosquito breeding conditions.

How to prevent mosquitoes

Certainly, May rains caused an abundance of stagnant water so the first step is to address this issue. Here’s what our pest control pros recommend:

  • Empty all containers and objects that have collected rainwater and make sure they cannot collect new rain
  • Clean out gutters so that water is able to drain properly
  • Refresh wading pools and bird baths regularly
  • Removed discarded tires and other debris that might hold water
  • Fill in holes or low spots in the yard
  • Open clogged culverts
  • Mow your yard and weed regularly
  • Clear away tall grasses and dense overgrowth in transitional areas where manicured lawn meets woods

Sign up for mosquito control with EnviroPest and let us protect your family from mosquito bites this summer

In addition to implementing the mosquito prevention tips mentioned above, reach out to EnviroPest for help keeping mosquitoes out of your backyard. Offering seasonal mosquito control in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Loveland as well as throughout Northern Colorado, our team starts treating properties in May and return every month through September. During each service visit, we’ll spray areas where mosquitoes rest and where they breed, which not only eliminates the mosquitoes already actively biting your family, but prevents new ones from developing! 

For more information or to sign up for mosquito relief this summer, contact EnviroPest today!


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