Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasitic pests that are found worldwide including here in Colorado. These night owls feed on the blood of mammals and unfortunately human blood is their favorite meal. Bed bug bites are often found on exposed skin and may be appear in a linear pattern some call breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bug bites are relatively harmless meaning they do not transmit any known diseases to humans. Bites are typically small red bumps or welts. They can become infected and may require medical attention but that is not too common. While not a physical threat to people, infestations of this nature can be extremely stressful to homeowners. Bed bug problems can also be quite damaging to companies, especially in an age where good news travels fast and bad news even faster.

So why do I have bed bug problem?

Wherever you find people (especially high levels of human traffic) you could find these pests. Hitchhikers by nature, bed bugs make their way from place to place on people, bags and other personal belongings as well as possessions. Used mattresses and secondhand furniture and clothing seem to be especially popular for these bugs. You can encounter them in hotels and airports, on airplanes and other public transportation, in retail stores and movie theaters. Residential environments are also seeing an increase in activity; this includes single-family dwellings and also apartment buildings and other types of multi-housing complexes.

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

If you are having problems with these pests in your home, do not throw away your mattress and think the problem has been resolved. Though they are called bed bugs, they will hide out in other areas of a home or business. For comprehensive bed bug extermination, seek out the help of a pest control company that specializes in the control of this pest. To get rid of bed bugs in Fort Collins, Loveland and Northern Colorado, EnviroPest can help.

Is the bed bug treatment safe?

At EnviroPest, we take care of bed bug infestations using a couple of treatment methods. Based on your situation, we’ll eliminate bed bugs with a heat treatment or through the use of conventional techniques. Either option is deadly to bed bugs but safe for people and pets.

How soon can you get here?

We take bed bug issues very seriously and are committed to helping as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

How much does the pest control service cost?

Treatment cost varies, however you can visit our bed bug removal page for more information on bed bug pricing.

How can I prevent a bed bug problem in the future?

Be vigilant when it comes to bed bugs. You should:

  • Inspect hotels or other commercial lodgings when away from home. If you suspect activity, request a new room or seek accommodations elsewhere.

  • Hold purses and bags in your lap rather than place on the floor or seats of public transportation.

  • Be very careful when it comes to bringing used mattresses, furniture or clothing into your home.

  • Wash newly purchased clothing in the hottest water permitted by the fabric as soon as you bring items home.

  • Unpack outside your home or in the garage when returning home from a trip. This will keep any hitchhiking bed bugs out of your home.

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