Why Bed Bug Treatments Fail

When you discover that bed bugs have been crawling over you while you sleep and feeding on your blood, do you really want anything less than complete assurance that those bugs will be destroyed? These are also not the kind of bugs you want living in your home while you "try out" some DIY solutions off the internet. When bed bugs strike, it is time to get professional help. But all pest control companies are not created equal. You've probably heard the horror stories of someone who found bed bugs in their home. They immediately called a professional--then found out they still had bed bugs a few months later. Let's look at why this happens.

live bed bugs and nymphs crawling on furniture

Why bed bug treatments don't always work 

Bed bugs are a hard bug to get rid of

Because bed bugs don't just live in beds. They can live in electrical outlets, behind baseboards, in wall voids, under carpets and more. This is one of the reasons why property owners have such a hard time eradicating these bugs on their own. When DIY chemicals are sprayed, bed bugs run. If a treatment isn't done properly, it is no problem for these bugs to hide away for a bit OR move into another area previously free of bed bugs. If a pest control company tries to cut corners or doesn’t return for a follow-up visit, the chance of failure is much greater.

Bed bugs reproduce indoors

While boxelder bugs and lady beetles are not capable of reproducing indoors, we cannot say the same thing about bed bugs. One bed bug is able to produce at least one egg per day and it takes about 10-15 days for an egg to hatch. After hatching, bed bugs are able to start reproducing within six weeks. If you consider that most infestations have more than one bed bug, you can see how a problem, if not treated correctly, can grow exponentially over a relatively short period of time.

Not all bed bugs respond to common treatments

According to the EPA, some bed bug populations have become resistant to certain compounds that used to be lethal. Now, it can cause bed bugs to move into new areas. It can also flush them out of existing hiding spaces, albeit temporarily.

How EnviroPest get rid of bed bugs – completely

At EnviroPest, we offer highly effective bed bug heat treatments that eliminate adult bed bugs, nymphs, and bed bugs eggs – in other words, all life stages. That’s because hot air can penetrate areas where conventional products cannot access. Plus, this type of bed bug control exposes bed bugs to a temperature 130 degrees Fahrenheit for up to six hours.  That’s several degrees over the lethal temperature required to kill these bugs; there’s no way these biting pests can survive those conditions.

The best bed bug removal in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs & NoCo

If you’re looking for bed bug removal services in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or Northern Colorado that you can count on to eliminate bed bugs that have infested your home or business, contact EnviroPest today. Be sure to ask us about our bed bug warranty when you reach out!



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‟Very professional and thorough. They take the time to find out what type of issues I am dealing with and then take measures to get rid of them. Having them come on a regular basis has been a great decision.
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