What's Attracting Spiders To My Colorado Home?

With so many classified species of spiders, it’s hard to know which ones may be invading your home. However, in Colorado, the most common spiders are the house spider, rock spider, wolf spider and black widow spider.


common house spider crawling across kitchen floor in colorado

Spiders will enter homes and businesses during times when there are higher concentrations of insects inside to provide them with more food or to give them shelter from extreme weather. Once one or two make themselves at home in your house, other spiders will follow suit. They tend to be drawn to less than tidy conditions where they can hide among items laying around for long periods of time like stacked newspapers. They also prefer to hide in things that get pushed under beds and in the dark recesses of rooms. Other spiders are drawn to moisture. Outdoors, some spiders are attracted to piles of debris, overgrown shrubs, wood piles, tall grasses, and gardens; and they like the outdoor lighting that other insects are drawn to.

Spiders get inside homes through holes in walls, cracks in foundations, and gaps around windows and doors. Sometimes they hitch a ride on boxes, firewood, or plants that are brought into a home or business.

Most indoor spiders are more of a nuisance than anything else due to their ominous presence and annoying, unsightly web making. Most spiders are not very dangerous, but their bite may cause a little pain and possibly irritation, that is, with the exception of the black widow.

Black widow spiders can be dangerous. They have neurotoxic venom that they use to inject into their victims when they are defending themselves. While they will usually only bite if they are bothered by someone or if they feel threatened, a black widow spider bite can be quite painful and cause a severe reaction in some people.

Since spiders are good at hiding and staying hidden, they are hard to get rid of. For that reason, you should contact the experts here at EnviroPest to give you a helping hand with your spider problems. We have the treatment methods that include identifying where the problem spiders are getting in and where they are hiding. Then we will treat all interior and exterior areas where spiders are traveling. We can solve your spider problems using the least amount of product necessary and by using natural products and baits. Our products are EPA registered and we'll make sure we do not pose any threat to you or your pets by following strict guidelines.

If you are finding spiders in your Colorado home, you can be sure it's because they are finding a steady diet of insects there. When pests invade give EnviroPest a call. We are committed to providing Colorado residents the most effective residential pest control options available.

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‟Very professional and thorough. They take the time to find out what type of issues I am dealing with and then take measures to get rid of them. Having them come on a regular basis has been a great decision.
Marge B.
Loveland, CO
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