Hey Colorado Springs, Summer’s Here & So Are The Mosquitoes!

That’s right, today marks the official first day of summer and if you haven’t already been outside enjoying the fantastic weather, there’s no time like the present! Of course, before you head out the door we must issue a word of warning – watch out for the mosquitoes.

mosquito on a leaf outside a denver co home

Yes, mosquitoes in Colorado Springs are already active 

How quickly the weather transitions in Colorado Springs and throughout the Rocky Mountain state, it wasn’t too long ago the white stuff was falling from the sky and now here we are enjoying 80+ degree days and already seeing mosquitoes in the yard. Really, it doesn’t take these biting pests long to become active once the warmer weather arrives and if conditions are ideal, you can expect their numbers to grow rapidly.

What attracts mosquitoes 

Female mosquitoes need standing water in order to breed and really only a small amount. Common breeding sites include, but are not limited to: 

  • Clogged gutters
  • Tarps and yard debris
  • Pet bowls left outside 
  • Stagnant bird baths
  • Kiddie pools 
  • Buckets, flower pots, and trashcan lids
  • Tires (not the ones on your vehicles)

Standing water isn’t the only thing females need to reproduce, they also need blood meals and if you’re outside unprotected, you might be their next meal. Dark colored clothing, sweat, heavy breathing (in other words the emission of carbon dioxide), and perfume as well as scented lotions can attract mosquitoes. 

In addition to breeding sites and bloodmeals, mosquitoes are attracted to yards that offer suitable places for them to rest during the heat of the day. Common resting sites include tall grass, dense overgrowth, shady areas, compost piles, and bushes. 

Mosquito-borne illness in Colorado

You already know how annoying and itchy mosquito bites are, but did you know that infected mosquitoes are capable of transmitting illness and disease? They’re called mosquito-borne diseases and here in Colorado, we have a few residents should be aware of and they are:

  • West Nile virus
  • Western Equine Encephalitis 
  • St. Louis Encephalitis

The best way to protect yourself and others from mosquito borne diseases is to prevent mosquito bites. Easier said than done, right?!


How to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your yard

While you can never fully eradicate mosquito activity on your property, you make it less appealing to these pests by implementing these mosquito prevention tips:

  • Clean out your gutters and direct downspouts away from the foundation
  • Dump out kiddie pools when not in use and lean on side so rain water doesn’t collect 
  • Turn over flower pots, buckets, and wheelbarrows
  • Don’t leave your pet’s water bowl outside
  • Store unused tarps in your shed or garage
  • Eliminate other sources of standing water 

Summer is too short to stay inside so let us take help with the mosquitoes

At EnviroPest, we offer effective mosquito control in Colorado Springs, Loveland, and throughout Northern Colorado that drastically reduces mosquito activity. When you sign up for seasonal mosquito treatments, we’ll visit your property every month May through September and address areas where mosquitoes rest & where they breed.

In addition to eliminating mosquitoes and stopping the reproduction, this particular service also targets ticks that are outside of your home on your property. 

The end result when you contact EnviroPest is an outdoor living space you can enjoy without worrying about mosquitoes or ticks driving you indoors! 

enviropest customer from loveland co


‟Very professional and thorough. They take the time to find out what type of issues I am dealing with and then take measures to get rid of them. Having them come on a regular basis has been a great decision.
Marge B.
Loveland, CO
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