How Cockroaches In Denver & Colorado Get Into Homes

Are you curious about how the different types of cockroaches in Denver, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado enter homes? You probably are if you're seeing them running across the kitchen floor or scurrying around elsewhere in the house. Simply put, cockroaches are gross and have no place in your home. Unfortunately, there are three species of roaches that often infiltrate homes in our state and they are the American cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. While there are many things we could tell you about what makes these roaches different, we're going to focus on how they get into homes and how to get rid of them. 

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How disease-spreading roaches get into Colorado homes

We could go on and on about how cockroaches spread diseases, but you probably already know that--after all--these are insects that feed on dead animals and feces. That means they're dirty. And the last thing you need is dirty bugs crawling around on your counters, inside your silverware drawer, or on your dishes--never mind finding a way into your pantry and cabinet foods. So, what you need to understand most about cockroaches isn't how they can make your family sick, but how they are able to get into your home in the first place.

Cockroaches exploit every potential opening

Roaches are very resourceful insects and will use any means necessary to get inside homes and businesses. That means every crack, gap, hole, or opening those leads from the exterior of your home or structure inside is a potential entry point for these vile creatures.

Cockroaches hitch rides

Another avenue cockroaches use to make their way into structures is by hitching rides in boxes, bags, and other containers. If you’re moving and grab some boxes from the local grocer, you could unknowingly introduce cockroaches. If you set your bag down in a restaurant that is dealing with roaches… well, you get it.

Cockroaches are crafty

Cockroaches also sneak inside by running along pipes, crawling in and through drains, and traveling under doors and floors from neighboring units. This list could probably go on and on but the bottom line is if cockroaches want in, they’ll find a way.

DIY cockroach control – yay or nay?

The answer to this query is a resounding nay! You can remove potential food sources, make water inaccessible, and eliminate potential hiding spots but if roaches are in your home – don’t waste a second trying store-bought sprays or “home remedies” found on the web. Though you might see a hiatus in roach activity, these methods do not eliminate the whole problem and in fact, may cause it to grow worse and spread. What’s more cockroaches, and German roaches specifically, are prolific breeders which means the infestation will grow rapidly.

How EnviroPest exterminates roaches in Denver

At EnviroPest, we employ professionals who are educated in the science of entomology and trained in the most advanced pest protocols available. They  understand current government regulations and are licensed to eliminate cockroaches and other insects that plague Denver property owners. When you contact us about a cockroach problem, you can count on our local pest control team to inspect, identify, and resolve the infestation so you can resume daily life without worrying about these nasty bugs.

To learn more about our home pest control services in Denver and throughout our service area, please reach out to EnviroPest today!

This blog originally published on 08/10/16. It has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date information about roaches in Denver and Colorado. 

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