Denver Pest Control Pros On Schools And Bed Bugs

We often think of schools as a safe place to send our children--and they are. But, schools are the perfect hub for bed bugs to go from one home to another. For this reason, they have been reported in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Don't worry. It isn't an out-of-control epidemic, and many schools are setting up strict guidelines for dealing with this issue. But you should arm your kids with knowledge about bed bugs, just in case.

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Quick Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs can be on anyone. These bugs don't live exclusively in homes that are dirty. They will live anywhere they can get a blood meal. So, it is possible for them to be on the cleanest kids at school.
  • Bed bugs are not exclusively nocturnal. These bugs can move around during the day. They don't prefer to, but they can.
  • Bed bugs don't exclusively feed on sleeping people. These bugs have mouthparts that produce an anticoagulant to allow blood to be drawn without discomfort. That means they can feed on people who are fully awake.

Bed Bug Signs

  • The best sign of all is a sign most people miss. They either miss it because they don't know what these bugs look like, or they miss it because bed bugs are extremely small. But, if you don't want your kids bringing an infestation home, they should be trained to identify these little insects when they see them. At birth, bed bugs are as small at the tip on a pen, and their skin is mostly transparent. As they go through their 5 development stages, they will become more rust-colored. If your kids finds a bed bug feeding on them, it should be filled with blood. So, while it isn't more than a speck on their skin. It will be a red speck--with 6 legs and two antennae. Have your child catch the bug and bring it to the teacher.
  • Bed bugs often leave recognizable bites. If your child sees that one of their friends has raised welts that are surrounded by a significant rash, and that the welts are in a line, they should take precaution.
Let your kids know what bed bugs and their bites look like so they can recognize the threat when they see it. Inform them that these are hitchhiking bugs and that they have been found in schools. And, if an infestation appears in your home, contact a pest control professional. These bugs are extremely hard to get rid of without proper gear and an education in pest control. Trust your family's protection to a QualityPro certified pest company, like EnviroPest, we have a number of bed bug control options to choose from.
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