Honey Bees: When To Call In The Colorado Pest Control Pros

Honey bees are a very important species; they are responsible for pollinating a wide variety of flowers, plants, and crops. Preserving these creatures is important; however, it is also important to respect the honey bee’s ability to sting and cause serious health concerns for people and pets. At EnviroPest, we take pride in being able to help maintain the delicate balance of keeping honey bees alive while still helping you to protect your family.

honey bees swarming in northern colorado

The spring season is the time of year when people start to see honey bee swarms. If you have never witnessed one, let us tell you, it is quite a sight to see! Hundreds of honey bees swarming around together: it would honestly make a good plot for a horror movie, “Attack of the Honey Bees”. A honey bee swarm occurs in the spring when the queen leaves the colony taking hundreds of workers with her in order to create a new nest. Her old nest is left behind where a new queen will take over.

The swarming honey bees group together in a swirling, whirling mass; the workers surrounding the queen. When the queen, who is a weak flyer, needs a break the colony can be seen resting on places like a tree, car, bush, or fence post. A honey bee swarm can last a few hours or several days depending on how long it takes the new colony to find a suitable place to build their new nest.

Now the burning question you probably have is, “What should I do if I see a honey bee swarm on my property?” The best answer to that question is to call a local beekeeper. Beekeepers have the experience and skill to remove a honey bee swarm from your property and locate it to either one of their hives or to a new area where the bees will be safe and be able to thrive. We never recommend trying to eliminate a honey bee swarm on your own because, if possible, honey bees should not be killed and because if they are disturbed or angered, the entire group will not hesitate to defend themselves by delivering painful stings.

If, after the spring swarming season is over, a group of honey bees has decided to nest behind the walls of your home, you should contact the honey bee control experts here at EnviroPest. Quick action needs to be taken by our trained and experienced professionals in order to stop damage from occurring to your home or other property. We like to work in conjunction with local beekeepers to help make sure that the hive and queen are removed intact. After the honey bee colony is removed, our honey bee removal services include:

  • The removal of the entire honeycomb; if the honeycomb is left behind it can cause moisture issues and attract other pests, both of which can cause serious structural damage.

  • Our professionals then take the time to make repairs to the portion of your home that was infested to help prevent a re-infestation from happening.

Whether you are witnessing a honey bee swarm or if you think honey bees may be creating a nest in your home, contact the professionals at EnviroPest. We can help to solve your property’s honey bee problem by recommending a honey bee swarm removal specialist or providing the services needed to eliminate honey bees from your home. Contact EnviroPest today for more information about our safe, effective, and affordable honey bee removal services !


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