What To Do When You Have Bed Bugs In Colorado Springs

What would you do if you woke up one morning with bed bug bites on your body? Would you make a mad dash to a store to grab every possible DIY bed bug control product available or would you do a quick Google search to find reputable bed bug control services in Colorado Springs? While we realize a lot of property owners might take a stab at getting rid of bed bugs on their own, we sincerely hope that if the time comes when you find these biting pests in your space, you’ll pick the second option.

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DIY bed bug treatments fail more than they succeed

Why do I still have bed bugs after treatment and why won’t my bed bugs go away are two very common questions property owners ask AFTER they’ve attempted to resolve their bed bug problem with DIY methods. Do-it-yourself bed bug treatments often fail because:

  1. Property owners toss their mattresses and box springs and call it good rather than treat the infested space properly.
  2. Property owners don’t realize bed bugs migrate from room to room and unit to unit.
  3. Property owners only treat the bed bugs they see.
  4. Property owners use the wrong treatment or the wrong amount.
  5. Property owners set things on fire when they attempt to “heat” the infested room.

Professional bed bug treatments in Colorado Springs, CO

When it comes to exterminating bed bugs, skip the DIY and call in the pros! Here at EnviroPest, we’ve been combatting bed bug infestations in Colorado Springs homes and businesses for close to 60 years and have developed and refined our strategy a lot over the years in order to provide the very best in bed bug control.

EnviroPest turns up the heat on bed bugs

Ideal for single-family homes, townhomes, apartment units, hotel rooms, and other commercial environments, bed bug heat treatments are easily completed in a single day and eliminate all stages of bed bug development – that’s adult bugs, nymphs, and eggs!

A bed bug heat treatment consists of heating an infested room up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (using specially-designed heating equipment) and maintaining that temperature for several hours, typically 4-6. The hot air is circulated by industrial-grade fans and monitored by licensed pest control pros in order to ensure that every inch of the space is hot enough to kill bed bugs.

When the treatment is over, our team will break down the equipment and get out of the way. Property owners and/or tenants are welcome to enter the space as soon as the temperature is comfortable enough for them to do so.

Hey Colorado Springs, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

If you’re concerned that your property may have a bed bug problem, contact EnviroPest right away. In addition to providing bed bug removal in Colorado Springs, we also serve the Denver and Boulder metros as well as Northern Colorado.  Getting started is easy – give us a call or request a free bed bug estimate today!

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