Are Termites Dangerous?

Are termites dangerous? This is a question that is often asked by property owners who are unfamiliar with these highly damaging pests. Highly damaging, this is the very reason why these pests are considered to be so dangerous. Unlike other pests whose dangerous status comes from spreading disease, contaminating food sources, or having the ability to inflict painful bites or stings, termite do not do any of those things, what they do, do however is cause unmatched damages to the structures of the buildings that they invade.

live look at a termite swarm inside the walls of a denver, co home

Termites enter into both residential and commercial properties unseen and can work for long periods of time without being detected; this causes a number of damages that can become quite severe if they are not prevented against and/or stopped altogether. The damages that termites cause often look similar to the damages that water can cause; in fact sometimes a termite infestation will create the same smell that a mold or mildew problem does. If you notice sagging ceiling, uneven or slanting floors, or walls whose paint looks splintered or blistered you either have leaky pipes or a termite infestation - both of which should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Damages can also include windows and doors that stick as you try to open or close them. It is also good to remember that termites invading both homes and business generally first start invading and feasting on water damaged wood, however as the infestation grows, they will move onto feeding on sound wood and may invade wood cabinets and wooden furniture as well.

Water damages or very moist conditions found in and around your home or business is highly attractive to termites. To help stop termites from choosing your structure to turn into their next feeding grounds we recommend the following termite prevention tips:

  • Make sure that your gutters are not damaged or clogged. Gutters that aren’t working properly can allow water to run down the walls of your home and cause water damage.

  • Check your building’s exterior windows and doors and make sure that they are properly sealed. Make sure that weather stripping found on sliding glass doors is completely intact.

  • Reduce humidity levels in your home or business by using dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

  • Make sure that rotting stumps, falling trees, and other piles of organic debris are removed from your property.

  • Limit the amount of soil to wood contact found on your property. Soil that touches wood allows moisture to wick up into the wood causing it to become water damaged and attractive to termites. An 18-inch barrier between soil and wood portions of your home should be maintained.

The very best way, and really the only way, to control termites and stop them from entering your home or business are to acquire professional termite control services. Our professionals are experienced, certified and highly trained and are able to help you eliminate any size termite infestation from your home or business and put into place the preventive measure needed to prevent a future infestation.

At EnviroPest, we offer certified termite inspections and installation of the Trelona® ATBS termite bait system to successfully control and eliminate termites. Contact us today to learn how we can work together to keep your residential or commercial property free of dangerous termites!

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