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Five Facts About Cockroaches In Colorado

Cockroaches are an equal opportunity pest. Hotels, motels, homes, condos, apartment buildings, and restaurants are all on the list of possible places that they like to take up residency. We’ve all heard the phrase “roach motel” which is referring to a motel that leaves a lot to be desired in the area of cleanliness, but is it uncleanliness that really draws a cockroach in? Is there only a certain time of year to worry about cockroaches? Can they really live for two weeks without a head? Here are 5 interesting facts about cockroaches that will answer these questions and a few more!

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  1. Roaches love human filth! Crumbs, moisture, and pet food are all invitations for a cockroach all night all you can eat buffet. Keep your home, especially your kitchen, clean of crumbs, errant pieces of food, and pick up pet food when not needed.
  2. Roaches like warm and moist environments, but they can survive in some cold weather. Most types of roaches will die if the weather gets below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperatures cool down for a prolonged period of time it can limit their activity and can halt their growth and reproduction patterns. When the weather outside gets frightful, they will quickly find a way into your home or business where it is ohhh so delightful!
  3. Yes, roaches can live for two weeks without a head. Sounds creepy, we know, but they actually have multiple ‘brains’ (ganglion/nerve clusters) throughout their body. When beheaded, that ‘brain’ that is now missing actually only controlled their antennae and mouthparts. Eventually, they will die of starvation and dehydration without their mouth/head to nourish the rest of their body.
  4. Cockroaches are great germ and diseases transmitters. They have sticky legs that are covered with tiny hairs and this makes them a perfect vessel to pick up germs and transmit them from place to place. So when you see one crawling out of your neighbor’s week-old rubbish can on the sidewalk then later see one on your kitchen counters, it could be the same one – and, yes, it could be spreading all those nasty rubbish germs to your counters.
  5. Cockroaches have the ability to bite humans, even though they don’t. They can, however, be harmful to us in other ways. Their feces, saliva, and decomposing bodies can trigger asthma attacks in some people.

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Cockroaches should not be allowed to easily access your home or business. These are tiny, opportunistic pests that will hunt every inch of the exterior of your home trying to find an entrance. Contact the professionals here at EnviroPest today and we will put our pest control experts to work for you. Keep cockroaches out of your home or business year round with EnviroPest.

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