Rodent Control

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Opening on the exterior of the house

1Any opening a 1/4 inch in diameter or greater will allow mice to sneak inside. When you contact EnviroPest for rodent control, our pest control pros will identify potential entry points.

Mouse by leaking pipe

2Leaking pipes and appliances attract mice and rats. When you contact EnviroPest we'll conduct a thorough inspection of your home to find conditions that are conducive to rodents.

Mouse in the cupboard

3When you open up your pantry for a midnight snack don't be surprised to see mice. These nocturnal critters are always looking for food and often end up raiding kitchens and food storage areas.

Mouse and mouse droppings

4Rodent droppings are telltale sign of an infestation and are often found near nesting and feeding areas. Many homeowners have opened kitchen drawers only to discover droppings that resemble grains of rice.

Mice nesting in walls.

5It's very common to find mice and other rodents in the attic and in other storage areas. That's because there is low foot traffic and many places to hide. Rodents often contaminate insulation with droppings and urine and destroy items with their chewing.

Do You Have A Mouse In The House?

Rodents get in somewhere. And typically where there's one mouse, you'll find several mice.  They are prolific breeders after all.

EnviroPest provides a full inspection of your home or building to determine possible entry points. When possible, EnviroPest will seal these areas to prevent continued infestations and address any current infestations. We strongly recommend that customers sign up for either the Colorado’s Choice or Colorado’s Select maintenance programs to prevent any future re-infestations.  

With pest control pricing starting at just $29 a month, you can protect your home from mice, rats and other nuisance and damaging pests!