Wasps & Yellow Jackets

The easiest way to determine what you have is by the type and location of the nest. Most wasps in Colorado build exposed nests under eaves and soffits. The nests are usually round in shape and resemble a honeycomb pattern. Yellow jackets tend to build inside places like attics, under porches, in landscape timbers, juniper bushes, etc. Yellow jackets cover their nests with a gray and black colored paper material, which is made of chewed up wood fibers mixed with saliva. 

Are wasps and yellow jackets dangerous?

Stinging insects such as wasps and yellow jackets send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each year.  With this in mind, it's clear to see that yellow jackets pose significant health threats to humans as they may sting repeatedly and can cause allergic reactions.

So why do I have them?

No real reason. Most homes in our area experience wasps and yellow jackets around their house primarily during the summer months.

How do you get rid of them?

Getting rid of wasps and yellow jackets can be a dangerous task. That's why our service includes everything necessary for one fee.

Our treatment method consist of the following:

Detailed inspection of the entire structure to identify areas of activity and entry points. Active nests will be treated and removed if accessible. A preventative treatment will be applied in the area of the nests, as well as common areas where they may re-build. A yellow jacket trap may be installed to help capture foragers.

This is a one-time service. For greater protection and money savings learn about Colorado's Choice home pest control program or Colorado's Select for businesses.

Is the treatment safe?

EnviroPest uses the least amount of material as possible while still resolving the problem. We utilize natural products, baits, and mechanical means as a form of treatment as much as possible. When conventional materials are required, we follow very stringent guidelines for the use of the product so that it poses no threat to people or pets. All products are registered by the EPA. Our service technicians will inform you of any specific safety measures that need to be taken.

How soon can you get here?

We take all pest problems seriously and are committed to helping you ASAP. In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Pest problems can be difficult to prevent. Many of our clients choose to continue service with our Colorado's Choice program to keep pests out of their home.

How do I schedule service?

You can either give us a call or fill out our online form. A customer service specialist will get back with you right away.

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