Typically the size of a small house cat, skunks have a very distinctive look. The striped skunk which is one of the most common species is black and has white stripes running down it’s back. Even more distinct, is their smell. When threatened, skunks spray a very pungent liquid from glands found at the base of their tail.

Are skunks dangerous?

To your nose, absolutely yes. Pets often encounter skunks and come out smelling. Skunk smell is not only an intense odor, it lingers. More importantly skunks may pose a threat to health and safety. They can be carriers of rabies and other diseases. Because of this you should never try to handle or remove them from your property on your own. If you or your pets come into contact with skunks and are bitten or scratched you should seek immediate medical attention.

So why do I have skunk problem?

Skunks are often searching for shelter. They will dig underneath foundations, decks, porches, and sheds in order to create their burrows. Easy access to food and water sources will also attract skunks; they are known to use vegetable gardens as their own personal salad bar. They will also eat fruit and dig up lawns looking for insects.

How do you get rid of skunks?

If you are having problems with skunks on your property contact the professionals at EnviroPest today. We offer wildlife control services for skunks and other nuisance and damaging wild animals in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado. Click here for more information on our wildlife removal service area.

Is the treatment safe?

Absolutely! You can count on us to safely and humanely resolve your wildlife problems. Our technicians are highly trained on wildlife eviction techniques and will design a plan that resolves your problem without risk to you, your family or pets.

How soon can you get here?

We take all pest and wildlife problems seriously and are committed to helping you ASAP. In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

How much does the skunk control cost?

Pricing for skunk control varies with the complexity of the job. Additional repair, cleanup and trapping services are bid per job due to the many different scenarios and building construction. Our prices are always presented upfront, with never any hidden charges or add-ons.

How can I prevent a skunk problem in the future?

It can be very difficult to keep skunks and other wildlife away from your home and property. However, there are a few things that you can do around your property to help prevent skunks including:

  • Fill in holes around foundations, sheds and decks that skunks could use to start digging their burrows.

  • Place wire mesh around decks and porches to prevent them from getting underneath of them.

  • Use fencing around vegetable gardens and compost piles to keep skunks from foraging for food in them.

  • Make sure that outdoor trash cans have tight fitting lids on them.