Mosquito Control

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1In order to breed, female mosquitoes must have standing water. If you look around your home, you're likely to notice many potential breeding sites. At EnviroPest, our professional mosquito control experts treat breeding sites in order to reduce activity on your property.

Clogged gutter

2Clogged gutters allow water to accumulate and that attract mosquitoes! When you contact EnviroPest, we'll identify and treat places where mosquitoes are likely to breed and rest.

Bird bath and mosquitoes

3A bird bath may seem pretty harmless but in reality it attracts mosquitoes. Refreshing the water in your bird bath can help reduce mosquito activity on your property.

Children wading pool

4Like bird baths, children's wading pools attract mosquitoes for breeding purposes. Empty pools when not in use and store upside down to eliminate mosquito activity.

Treatment For Mosquitoes And Midges

EnviroPest provides mosquito and midge reduction services, as these pests cannot be completely eliminated. We manage these populations by applying treatments to typical adult resting areas, such as tall grass, shaded areas, and shrubs and bushes adjacent to structures.

In areas of standing water that cannot be eliminated, such as pools and ponds, larvacide treatments minimize reproduction. Further, we recommend regular reduction services throughout peak activity months.