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Wildlife Removal Longmont Colorado

EnviroPest of Longmont, CO is a family owned and operated pest control and wildlife removal company that has been serving property owners and managers of Colorado since 1965.  In Longmont, we offer highly effective wildlife control services for both homes and businesses.  Whether you have a squirrel in the attic, rodents nesting in the wall or a wildlife problem of another sort, you can trust EnviroPest to protect your property and the people that frequent it.  At EnviroPest, we are Colorado’s cure for creepy crawly things; contact us today for Longmont animal control.  

Longmont Raccoon Control

While raccoons may look like cute little critters, they are in fact a nuisance pest to Longmont homes and may become hostile if they are cornered or feel threatened.  With over 45 years in the industry, our Longmont wildlife control company understands that raccoons have the ability to damage property, introduce health risks as well as other pests including fleas and mites.  If you suspect that there may be a raccoon in the attic or elsewhere on your property, contact the Longmont raccoon control experts today!  We offer several methods for complete removal of raccoons, including:

  • Live animal trapping

  • One-way doors

  • Eviction fluids

When you team up with EnviroPest to get rid of raccoons, we’ll assess your problem and then develop a full plan for removal.  We can also assist you with the cleanup of raccoon feces, contaminated insulation and we will help repair the damages caused by these masked critters.

Skunk Removal Services In Longmont Colorado

In most cases, homeowners in Longmont, Denver and elsewhere in Colorado realize they have a skunk on their property by the offensive smell.  That unpleasant skunk smell may come in on the family dog or just linger in the air.  If you’ve noticed skunks under the shed or in the garage, contact our skunk control company for help in getting rid of skunks on your property.  We’ll provide a complete inspection and based on your specific situation, devise a plan that will result in a skunk free home or business!  

Take Control Over Bats And Other Longmont Wildlife

EnviroPest offers wildlife removal services in Longmont to both business owners and homeowners which will provide protection against almost any type of wildlife issue, including:

With our wildlife removal services, we will humanely trap and remove these nuisance pests and we can also provide you with exclusion services to help prevent wildlife problems in the future. Don't let wild animals damage your home or business or spread disease to your family, pets, employees or customers; contact us for more information today!

Longmont Animal And Rodent Repair And Restoration Services

When insects, rodents and wildlife have caused damage to your home, you can count on EnviroPest to assist you in the repairs and restoration.  We offer animal repair and restoration services to homeowners in Longmont that will repair any damage caused by termites, mice, raccoons and squirrels as well as correct any potential entry points to help prevent future pest infestations.  We can also assist in the unpleasant task of animal fecal clean-up.  With over 45 years in the industry, you can trust our skilled carpenters and pest control professionals to beautifully restore your home to its previous condition.  If you have experienced damage from a pest infestation, contact EnviroPest of Longmont today!

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