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Feb 14
protect your colorado home or business from squirrels

Colorado Wildlife Control Pros On Squirrel Exclusion

The beautiful State of Colorado is noted for its beauty and a variety of species of wildlife. However, not all Colorado wildlife has that attraction and some, in fact, become invaders of your residences and businesses. One of those invasive creatures is the common squirrel. Squirrels are furry. They are cute. They have the characteristics and actions of a clown and can be very charming. But once they gain access into your attic, that charming creature becomes the equivalent of a rat! And if you are like most Colorado residents, you are looking for squirrel exclusion tips and how to keep squirrels out of your home.

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Nov 13
Fort Collins Pest Control Experts Warn About Spiders In Colorado

Spiders In Colorado: A Fall Pest Problem

Although most spiders that infest Colorado homes do not pose a significant risk, they are an annoying pest problem when they create unsightly webs in the eaves or our homes and may even be a bit scary for those who fear spiders.  

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Feb 13
Raccoons Showing Cancer From Polyomavirus

Virus Links To Brain Cancer In Raccoons

While scientists all over the world are surely busy studying brain cancer in humans and learning ways to both treat and prevent this deadly disease, it seems that raccoons have now become a victim. How are raccoons getting brain cancer? Scientists have been able to link the deaths of raccoons with brain tumors to a form of a virus never seen before, polyomavirus.

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Feb 13
Raccoon On Fort Collins Property

Is Your Raccoon Problem Multiplying?

If you have been noticing an increase in raccoon activity around your property then you are not alone. In fact, homeowners across Colorado including Denver, Fort Collins and Lakewood will continue to see raccoons multiplying as we draw closer to spring. And at EnviroPest we understand just how troublesome a raccoon infestation can be which is why we are here to offer you some tips to prevent raccoons in Colorado.

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