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Jul 15

Do You Have Bats In Your Home?

There are some things that don't work when writing an article. For instance, if I type, "Bam!" It isn't going to make your heart jump, or freak you out. Even if I type it in all caps, like, "BAM!" or with extra letters like, "BAAAAAAAAAM!" You're still going to say, "Really?" Yawn. "That's the best you have?"

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May 12
bat removal boulder co

What To Do If You Find Bats In The Attic

Imagine going to the attic to find your bag or bin of summer clothes and instead you find bats! A scary sight for sure but bats in the attic are also a dangerous pest to have in your home. Residents in Colorado may find bats in their attic because of the warm temperatures that come in the spring and summer.

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