Say So Long to Pests With These Spring Cleaning Tips

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mosquito and mosquito larvae in a water puddle in colorado

Standing water can lead to major problems with mosquitoes. Read what else can contribute to spring pest problems.

Spring is a time for cleaning, clearing, and renewal. If your home and property are better at attracting pests than preventing them, now is the time for an outdoor spring clean! Most pests get into our homes by way of our property. Although many think that pest prevention is just something that occurs inside of your home, the outside is actually just as important. If you are one of the many homeowners in Fort Collins, Greeley, or Loveland hoping to stay pest free this spring, the Colorado pest control professionals have a few outdoor spring cleaning tips.    

  • Make sure that all screens on windows fit tightly and do not have any holes or tears. Pests are looking for any small cracks or holes to sneak inside, and your screens, or lack of screens, could be just the ticket. Airflow is great to let the fresh spring breeze sweep through your home, but not when the breeze is accompanied by ants, spiders, or other common springtime pests.

  • Clear any wood from your property, including sticks, twigs, or fallen tree limbs. The spring season is wet, creating ideal conditions for termites or carpenter ants to find moist, decaying wood on your property. Often times after a long winter, there are going to be a lot of random pieces of wood lying around properties. This will be a good start to your spring landscaping, and also a great way to avoid any wood destroying insects from making their way inside your home.

  • Redirect any stagnant or flowing water sources that are close to your home. Water creates moist soil which termites enjoy creating their colonies in. Also, water is a perfect breeding source for biting mosquitoes. If your property has a lot of water that you may not be able to redirect on your own, consider contacting your local landscaping company to help complete the task. It will save you a lot of headaches in the end.

With just a small amount of spring cleaning effort, your property will be better guarded from pests. But if any insects, rodents or wildlife do find their way inside your Northern Colorado home, contact EnviroPest for help. Offering pest solutions for common household pests, termites, stinging insects, and more since 1965, you can trust our local Colorado pest control company to protect your home and property with effective residential pest control services.

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