Raccoon Control For Colorado Homeowners

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raccoon on top of bird feeder


Spring is almost upon us here in Colorado and for homeowners in Denver, Fort Collins, Lakewood and all of Colorado that means the increased likelihood for raccoon problems. Raccoons breed primarily in February and March and their short gestation period sees the birth of their babies in April, just in time for the warmer weather. While raccoons’ natural environment includes wooded areas near streams and lakes, they’ve begun encroaching on urban and suburban communities in Denver and throughout the state. That’s because these areas offer ideal shelter and an abundance of food sources for the not-so-picky critters. Raccoons are a common problem this time of year and at EnviroPest we understand this and offer tips for discouraging raccoons from invading as well as our wildlife animal control services to help you get rid of raccoons that have already made their dens on your property.

Raccoons are mainly active at night and that is when they are likely to forage for food on your property. In order to prevent raccoons you must eliminate all food sources outside of your home. This includes removing pet food and bird seed, keeping your garden harvested and even making sure your grill is clean and your trash bins are tightly sealed and secured in a location raccoons are unable to access.

Your property offers a variety of ideal places for raccoons to nest or den in and if a raccoon has already taken up residence in your attic or shed be careful. Raccoons, if cornered, are dangerous animals and should never be confronted by anyone other than a trained wildlife control expert. Trimming your trees away from your home and sealing off any possible entry points can deter raccoons but to ensure complete raccoon control, contacting a professional pest control company that specializes in wildlife control and removal is the ideal choice. At EnviroPest we offer raccoon trapping and removal services for Denver, Fort Collins, Lakewood and all of Colorado and ensure our raccoon control is an effective way to get rid of raccoons no matter how severe.

If raccoons have invaded your home or property contact EnviroPest for help in resolving your wildlife problem. It’s the time of year that sees more raccoon activity but you don’t have to let them become a nuisance in your home. For Raccoon Control Colorado homeowners can call 1-888-681-9440 or click here.

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