Denver Prairie Dog Removal

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Do you have prairie dogs invading your Denver property? While prairie dogs are cute critters and fun to watch, they can wreak havoc on expensive landscaping, create burrow holes all over yards and parks as well as destroy local vegetation and have the potential to be carriers of diseases like the plague and, while rare, rabies. They have adapted well to urban environments and can often be found in basements and under outbuildings as well inhabit areas around roads and parks. If there is any sign of prairie dog activity it should be addressed immediately to prevent a major prairie dog problem for your Denver home or business as well as prevent possible health risks for your family, friend, employees and pets. If you’re experiencing a prairie dog problem, don’t let it go unchecked. EnviroPest can help!

At EnviroPest we can provide prairie dog removal using the most efficient means possible. Our trained EnviroPest team members are skilled in removing prairie dogs and will provide complete prairie dog elimination if needed.  No matter if you are a homeowner with prairie dog problems or need help controlling a prairie dog coterie around your business, EnviroPest has the solutions and know-how to get rid of even the most stubborn prairie dog infestation.

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