Colorado Ant Prevention And Control Tips

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small black ants in co

Are ants a problem in your CO home already? Let EnviroPest help; we are Colorado's Cure For Creepy, Crawly Things!

Spring pests are out and about! Already, many in Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley are seeing ants foraging on their property and possibly inside their homes. Ants in Colorado are a common household pest and although they do not cause any harm to humans, they can be a major nuisance. In order to keep the ants out of your home this spring and summer the Colorado pest control experts at EnviroPest would like to offer some ant control methods for homeowners.

The most common species of ants found in our region are the pavement ants, and sugar ants. Pavement and sugar ants are the small black and brown colored ants, who often make their way indoors in search of a tasty treat. Unfortunately if they discover a food source, they like to share the good news with all their friends. Seriously, all of their friends! They accomplish this by leaving a scent trail for other ants to follow. This explains why we often see ants marching in a line across the kitchen floor or along countertops.  

In order to prevent ants from infesting your home you must get rid of the things they are most attracted to. Here is a list of ant prevention methods that homeowners can do on their own:

  • remove food sources from your kitchen by keeping open food stored in containers with tight fitting lids

  • clean and sanitize food surfaces to keep crumbs and spills from attracting sugar ants

  • vacuum or sweep under appliances regularly

  • keep firewood stacked away from your home and up off of the ground

  • trim back shrubs and bushes so they are not touching the side of the house

  • do not use store bought sprays as they will make it harder to get to the source of the ant problem

If ants are already a problem in your home, we urge you not to attack them with spray.  Yes, that will kill the ants in that immediate area, but it will not resolve the ant problem in your home.  In order to completely get rid of ants, the location of the colony must be identified.  This is a task best left to trained pest control professionals.  

EnviroPest offers pest control services in Loveland, Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado. Our home pest control services are the ideal solution for when ants and other pests start taking over your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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