Check Your Attic For Raccoon Babies in April

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They may look cute and cuddly, but baby raccoons can cause big problems if they live in your attic.

Spring is here and it is time to head up to the  attic to exchange the winter clothing for some warm weather gear. Not many people spend much time in the attic except for the occasional foray to retrieve or drop off holiday decorations. Most likely if you did visit over the course of the winter, you didn’t spend much time up there and probably didn’t stay long enough to check the place over for wildlife that may have created a winter haven. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your attic was and could still be hosting a raccoon and her babies!

During April and throughout the spring, raccoons are giving birth to babies in Loveland, Fort Collins and Denver as well as throughout Colorado.  As mentioned above, this could be taking place right above your head. If this past fall and early winter, you home was easily accessible through holes, loose vents or other openings, you may have unknowingly provided critters a place to escape the winter elements. They will use materials such as insulation or other personal belongings to create a nest for themselves and their babies. Once the babies are born in the spring, they can use their access point to go and gather food to bring back.

As you can probably imagine, raccoons living in your attic or home is not a good situation. Here’s a few reasons why from the Colorado wildlife removal experts:

  • They are wild animals and despite their cute appearance will become aggressive or even attack if threatened.  

  • Raccoons are also known vectors of serious diseases including rabies and may introduce other pests such as fleas into your home.  

  • The structure of your home, building materials and even the personal items inside it are all subject to raccoon damage. From shredding clothing for nests to contaminating insulation with droppings and urine to creating fire hazards, raccoons are a threat that should not be taken lightly by Colorado homeowners.

Simply put, raccoons are not good company to keep. If you are concerned that you may have a wildlife problem in Denver, Estes Park or elsewhere in our service area, please contact the wildlife control pros at EnviroPest today! Leave Colorado wildlife removal up to the pros as it can be a dangerous and very tricky problem to eradicate.

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