Are Squirrels Invading Your Colorado Home This Winter?

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Usually when you think of squirrels, it involves warmer weather, picnics and sunshine. So why are they invading your Colorado home this winter? It may not seem like the right time for squirrels or other wildlife to be causing a ruckus, but unfortunately, many homes become shelter for wildlife during the colder winter months.  Take it from the Colorado wildlife removal experts, the problem with letting these critters invade your home is that they can cause damage, messes and fire dangers.

Why do I have squirrels in my home?

Even though it is winter and many animals are spending their months hibernating, squirrels can be found in attics, basements and garages of homes. They probably came inside in search of shelter and food so they didn’t freeze to death outside in the bitter cold. Squirrels generally continue to go about their activities during the winter, so if they can find a nice warm home to relax in, they are going to take it.

What can happen if squirrels are in my home?

When squirrels make your home theirs, they are going to get to work building themselves a nest in your attic, or other places such as the walls or ceiling spaces.  This means that your home’s materials and structures become the equivalent to their twigs and leaves used outside. Squirrels will chew on wood and insulation to set up their home base which can leave your home with major structural damage. Another big problem is when squirrels gnaw on electrical wires because that could result in a major electrical fire hazard. If you find a squirrel who has set up shop in your home, there is not only the mess of the materials used, but there is also going to be a sanitation issue, because if they are living in your attic or walls, they are surely making it their bathroom as well.

How can I prevent squirrels from getting into my home during the winter?

The best way to prevent squirrels and other wildlife from coming into your home during the winter is to pest proof, starting on the outside and continuing on the inside. This includes inspecting your home’s exterior for any potential cracks, holes or loose structures that squirrels or other wildlife could maneuver their way through. Properly seal any exposed areas that you find. Although it’s a little late now, generally the best time to seal your home is going to be before the cold weather strikes, which is when all the animals are trying to get inside.

Also, try to eliminate food sources for wildlife, such as trash. Don’t let bags of trash pile up in or near your home as this will be like a buffet for wildlife and other pests. Regularly clean your kitchen for any food debris and spills that will also attract hungry critters that may have found their way inside. 

Hopefully you won’t have to hear the pitter patter of little feet running through your walls or in your attic. However, if you have found yourself with a home wildlife infestation this winter, don’t let them cause any more damage. Contact your local wildlife removal company right away.  For squirrel problems or other wildife issues in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins, as well as elsewhere in EnviroPest’s service area, we are ready to help! Contact us today for more information on how our animal trapping and Colorado wildlife control services can eliminate wildlife encounters on your property. 

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