Ants In Your Colorado Home This Winter?

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small black ants in colorado

If you are seeing ants at this time of year, it is most likely a satellite colony that has established in your home.

If you are one of the many Colorado homeowners noticing ants marching through your kitchen this winter, you are not alone. Between the mild temperatures and the existence of satellite colonies, there are a few reasons why the ants could be invading your home before the heat of the spring and summer months. If you are living in Fort Collins, Greely or elsewhere in Colorado, read on to discover why you could be one of the many affected by ants this winter.

Since the temperatures across the country have remained mostly mild through the winter, it has been a big year for pests causing problems in homes. Those critters and bugs that are usually dormant through the winter months have made appearances in many homes. Ants are just one of the many pests who have spent their winter continuing to search for food instead of taking their long, winter nap.

Although you may have spotted ants, it is most likely a satellite colony at this time of the year. A satellite colony is one that does not contain a queen ant so although there no new ants being born, there is a colony just of worker ants. The trouble with satellite colonies is that the worker ants can remain active; hence, the trail of ants marching in search of food in your home.

Tips to prevent ants from marching into your home:

  • Keep your home free of the things that will attract ants, such as food debris, sweet spills, and other remnants.

  • Make sure that opened food is sealed in containers with tight fitting lids. Ants will contaminate your food if they gain access to it.

  • Do not go for the store bought sprays, as these will only deter the ants from the sprayed area rather than treating the source of the ant colony. It will also make it harder to identify the colony source when you remove their designated paths that contain their pheromones as a guide for the other worker ants to follow.

  • Call in a professional pest control company who can identify the source of the colony and make sure to prevent ants from continuing their trails into your home.

By following these tips, you should be able to prevent ant problems. Aside from carpenter ants, most ants in our region do not pose any serious health risks or concerns for humans, which is good news; however, they are still not a pest that you want to find in your home. Ants live and work in very large colonies with thousands of them all on a search for food, so they are not good company to have, especially as many have not gone down for their winter rest.  If you are dealing with ants, other insects, or rodents in your home this winter, find out how EnviroPest can help you with our residential pest control services.  Let us help you get rid of ants in Fort Collins, Loveland and Northern Colorado; contact the pest control professionals at EnviroPest today!

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