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Winter In Denver Heralds The Arrival Of Mice Issues

Just a few more days and we will officially be in winter! Winter in Denver and all of Colorado is a great time of year that brings fun-filled days of skiing, sledding, hot cups of coffee or hot chocolate and unforgettable memories. Unfortunately it also hastens the arrival of unwanted guests like rodents in Colorado entering homes and businesses.


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Raccoon Problems In Denver

Raccoons are annoying pests that have learned to adapt extremely well to living in both cities and urban areas of Colorado. Although they enjoy a natural habitat that includes wooded areas close to streams and lakes, they won’t hesitate to seek shelter in attics, crawlspaces, chimneys and outbuildings; raccoons have even been known to enter homes through pet doors as they forage for food. Raccoons are common home and business invaders, rummaging through trash bins, bird feeders and other outside food source that they can access.


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Box Elder Bugs: Identification And Prevention

Box elder bugs seem to be everywhere this year, or at least that’s what our customers have been saying. We get lots of calls about these little pests, especially in the fall months. Do you have box elder bugs huddling around your home and if so, have they made it indoors yet? If not, you are one of the lucky ones!


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Happy Halloween: Spider Proofing Tips

If you are still finding more than your fair share of spiders in your Colorado home - Fort Collins, Loveland, and surrounding communities - call EnviroPest today! And from our team of CO pest control pros, Happy (spider free) Halloween! 


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