January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

Pigeons Transfer Illness to Humans

Pigeons Carry Illness

The pigeon population in Colorado has increased dramatically over the years creating nuisance pest problems for business owners and home owners. While they may seem harmless they produce and carry bacteria that can translate into illness in humans.

Read the article attached to this link to learn more about what WebMD and others are saying about the 'problem with pigeons'.


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Termite Activity On The Rise In Colorado

While termites have not been as big problem in Denver, Fort Collins or elsewhere in Colorado in the past as say in more humid regions of the country, activity from these wood destroying insects is on the rise.  In order to survive and even thrive termites must have moisture.  This past winter many areas of Colorado received wet, heavy snowfall as well as late blizzards resulting in lots of moisture and an environment ripe for termite activity. Factors like increased humidity, full lakes and rivers as well as run off that has not yet peaked are also contributing to the increase in problems. 

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Do I Have Bed Bugs?

One of the great things about living in Colorado is we don’t have many of the major pest issues you find in other parts of the country. Termite infestation in Denver is not going to be as common as, say, some place more humid like St. Louis or Chicago.  Rodents such as mice and rats in Colorado will not be as much of a problem as they are in higher population areas like New York or Los Angeles. But because we have had wet springs the last few years these pests and others are growing in number. With pest activity in Colorado on the rise we are also seeing a lot of questions about another problem pest: bed bugs.

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Termite Control in the Denver, Colorado Area

Spring is synonymous with birth and new life. Unfortunately that holds true to insects as well, including many destructive pests such as termites.  Termite problems in the Denver area are on the increase mainly due to the successive wet springs over the last few years. Conditions have been favorable for these wood-destroying insects to multiply at a faster rate.

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